How to create an Xbox Live account, and why you need one!


Xbox Live accounts are important when playing Minecraft Bedrock edition. Not only does it allow you to connect with friends and play together, but it also keeps track of all of your Marketplace purchases, from coins to content, and even your Realms subscription. With everything connected to your Xbox Live account you can sign into any Bedrock supported device and have immediate access to all of your maps, skins and textures!

Before creating an Xbox Live profile, you'll first need to have an existing Microsoft account linked to your copy of Windows 10 or Minecraft device.


1. Open the Xbox app

Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type Xbox. Open the Xbox app for Windows 10 and click ‘Next’ to start the setup process. If a Welcome back! page pops up, an Xbox Live profile is already linked to your Microsoft account.

2. Enter your gamertag

Enter your preferred Xbox Live gamertag. This is a unique username to represent you on Xbox Live. Alternatively, you can choose your automatically assigned gamertag and change it for free over the next 30 days.

Choose something that’s personal to you, or how you’d like to be known in game.

3. Choose a profile picture

Next you can choose a gamerpic for your profile. This is the profile picture that represents you on Xbox Live. You can change your gamerpic freely and even upload your own images once your account has been created.

4. Complete your profile

Click next to continue the setup process then click Let's play to complete the setup process. You now have an Xbox Live profile linked to your Microsoft account!

5. Log into Xbox Live in Minecraft

Now that you’ve created your Xbox Live account, you can log into Minecraft! To do this, open Minecraft on any of your Bedrock devices and press the ‘Sign In’ button'. Enter your new Xbox Live gamertag and password



You now have access to any purchased Marketplace maps, can connect and play with friends and create a realms server to enjoy with others!

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