Jeoffrey's Chamber 1 & 2


Available now for free on Minecraft: Java Edition

Jeoffrey has been running away from The Emperor for a long time, but he's finally been caught. The Emperor has trapped Jeoffrey in a chamber and is keeping him there for eternity, or at least between activities! This was the first adventure map to use Resource Packs to bring custom textures, sounds and music into Minecraft.

The launch of 1.6 Minecraft came with the promise of Resource Packs which offered the ability to add custom sounds alongside textures. Recognising the potential, Noxite gathered a team of builders and churned out Jeoffrey's Chamber Part 1 in a day! The atmosphere created by the short story and the voice acting helped the map see instant success, and prompted the Noxcrew to build and release Jeoffrey's Chamber Part 2 that same week!  Jeoffrey's Chamber Part 3 has been promised, but is yet to be created...


  • Vanilla Minecraft, no mods required

  • Completely voice-acted and original story

  • Custom sounds

  • Crazy adventure

  • Immersive game play

  • Approximately 30 minutes of game play in total (but it's worth it, believe us)

These are single-player adventures.