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Hi NoxSquad,

Just a very quick update on the progress of Gameshow Season 1 as I know we promised in the last update video that we would try to have it out by the start of February.

Unfortunately, due to various issues that have arisen during production, this will no longer be the case.

On behalf of The Noxcrew and everyone working on The Gameshow, I want to apologise for the hold up, as I know you are all super excited for the season to start. The team is dedicated on getting the Gameshow...
Well, the Queen always has a speech, why shouldn't I?


First of all, I want to thank everyone for such an amazing year, and for sticking with this crazy collection of creative...creatures (nah, couldn't keep up the sibilance.)

2014, while we can all admit hasn't been the best year in human history, has seen The Noxcrew move on in leaps and bounds, particularly behind the scenes, and without the flexibility and creativity of our members and the support of the community, it...