Greeting NoxSquad,

I've noticed of late that you guys want to get together more often, which is awesome, so here a few helpful links so you can chat, play games and rock out together with or without the gaze of The Overlords.

First, of course, we have the Noxcrew Teamspeak which is always open to you guys to get together with your own dedicated channel 'The NoxSquad Chat Channel' (Thinking of renaming it to 'NoxSquad's Super Secret HQ)

Use it as you wish, chat, play games, plot world domination, its there for your pleasure. You never know, a Noxcrew member might just come and join you.

Download TS3 and join your fellow members at: (Poke a NoxPower+ Overlord to get the NoxSquad rank)

Recently brought back to my attention is the room, once used for build nights, now open for you guys to sit back and enjoy your favourite tunes together:

For the gamers amongst you (Who am I kidding, we all play games) Join us on steam...
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very proud to finally begin the season and show you all what we've been working on for SO long!


We also created an awesome album to really go into detail with all the stuff we did for the new season :)
Are you excited yet?​

Well you should be, because The Noxcrew Gameshow is Back!

That's right folks!

Six months of blood, sweat and tears. Six months of building, testing, scripting, recording and editing. Six months of sitting at our computers when we should be outside, has come down to this!

The Noxcrew Gameshow Season One will officially begin on Saturday 21st of March, with the release of the first episode of the series.

There will be thrills, spills and so much heart-stopping Gameshow action you might want to warn your cardiologist!!

Think that's a little too long to wait for your Gameshow fix? Never fear! Because in honour of our brand new community teams, we're releasing a video every day introducing them!

That's right! We begin the one week count down to The Gameshow with EIGHT introductory videos, so you can get to know the poor saps...I mean valiant contestants,...​