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Salutations My Dear Subjects, The Noxcrew and the Vessel are once more in the realm of Coventry, UK, which has also been blessed with mine own presence in this accursed land. Rejoice, people of Coventry, that I, your Beloved Queen, Noctis, has arrived.

I promise, that beyond this day I will provide photography and other such heathen visual aids to convey the excitement of our travels, but at this time, the vessel has been lazy and not used the camera device brought with her (She will be...
The Noxcrew are a community of creative people that band together to make great gaming content in a variety of games! Currently, we're pretty stuck in making cool stuff in Minecraft, but we'd never be afraid to try out something else! :)

We like funny. We like epic. We like... Quirk.

The Noxcrew have existed since August 2011 and have worked on a large variety of projects such as...
The Noxcrew Story:
It began back in August 2011.

I'm Noxite. I had just finished my gap year and it was the summer before I head to university. Out of my boredom I decided I wanted to create a Minecraft adventure map. My ambitions were high, so I decided to try and find people to join my team and create one of the most epic adventure map series ever to be laid onto the community;...