Congratulations everyone!

During Avondale's Minecraft golf stream on Friday, we hit the $1000 mark on our Patreon!!!

Shout out to MC_Kyle who pulled a funny by putting a .69 on the end of his pledge :p

It's incredibly exciting to think that you guys want to support us so much in the content that we create, month after month! It only empowers us even more to keep bringing you folks awesome things! :)

I really can't thank our Patrons enough, it's so much fun to have external members of our community that we can share our secrets with and get immediate reactions! It helps a lot, especially all the suggestions <3

If you're confused with what Patreon is; it's basically a subscription service where you can set yourself to donate a specific amount to us every month, even just $1! Each tier of donation has a bunch of rewards, so do check them out here:...
Hi Everyone,

NOTE: The live stream will be uploaded on Tuesday 23rd, so if you didn't see it, you can then, and your feedback is still welcome!

So as some of you saw on the Sunday Stream, we did a podcast. The intention with the podcast is to have a casual chat and just share some of the fun types of conversations the noxcrew have and relate them to current interests.

The setup was fairly rushed, but there's still things we might not have thought of to improve it. I wont tell you what we plan to do, as I want you guys to tell us what you want.
If you want it to be live streamed before youtube every time, then say so.
If you want a more structured podcast then say so.
If you want blah dee blah dee blah... I think you get the idea.

Also, feedback on how often you would realistically like it (remember its gonna be over 1 hour long, so, too regularly will get hard to watch for most people as they wont have the time!)

We intend to have 4-5 people most shows, but who they are...
So, that’s it.

After 9 months of production, The Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 finally comes to a close.

Watch the entire season here:

It’s took us a long time, but we achieved something that many people didn’t think was possible.

Back in the Pilot Season, we slowly discovered that what we had started, was bigger than we had ever imagined and a lot bigger than The Noxcrew itself.

After 6 pilot episodes, made over the span of 2 years, featuring 27 different mini-games, 10 teams made from 29 contestants, we had only completed 40% of the season (6 out of 15 proposed matches).

Back then, this seemed to have been a common theme with Noxcrew projects;
Think of something cool → get ambitious → announce it as a project → completely ignore the vision of completion and how to get there....

Ever wanted to talk to the Noxcrew one on one? Wanted to chat to your fellow NoxSquad but just didn't know how? Well never fear, with this quick and easy instillation guide, you too can join us in all our weird and wonderful conversations on TeamSpeak 3!

So Join the fun on Today!

What is TeamSpeak 3?

TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) is a programme that allows members to join servers and talk to each other, much like conference calls but not as boring. It's often used in guilds and gaming communities over other programmes, such as Skype, as it is easy to use, customisable and allows for a variety of ranks and permissions.

Why should I get it?

All of our Gamenights are organised over TS3, such as IP addresses for servers, teams for competitions and UHC and general chatting and tactics during the games themselves. We also have a flourishing NoxSquad community...
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've almost made it.

Nobody believed that we could do it when we said we were going to create an entire Noxcrew Gameshow season in one go. It's quite amusing reading the comments on the very first episode of the season! :p

Well, we began working on the Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 back in September 2014.
Release of the season started on March 21st 2015.
It is now June 2015 and we're coming very close to finally finishing what we started.


It's been a long, but incredible ride and I'm overwhelmed with what we've achieved in the Minecraft community. We couldn't have done it without the constant support from the fans, the Patrons and of course, the crew itself.

It's not long now until the Noxcrew move onto their next phase and a new project, and I hope everybody is excited as I am for what Noxcrew will soon bring!

For those of you worried, the end of Season 1 is not...