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Let's Play Series 'Noxpocalypse' Roleplay Series

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The apocalypse is upon us! The world has we know it, is over, humanity has been utterly destroyed and now, only 3 men stand in its shattered wastes, tasked with starting anew and rebuilding this broken...​


When the gates close for the final hour of work at the Noxcrew Gameshow Factory, the work is still not done. As the whistle blows for the final call, the people are covered in filth and sweat as they leave for their homes, the sun making its slow descent towards the horizon. Contestants, workers, and fans all together look the same. Tired from work and wanting a nice place to rest their heads. But once their feet hit the pavement beyond the...​
Hi everyone,

Reminder that today we will try to be finishing off the greedy leprechauns we were making on stream yesterday.
We had some discussions off camera, and I will show you what happened because of them, also how we would improve it if we did it again. then we will have a go at doing some mock gameplay.

I hope you all enjoyed Saturday's stream, I know it wasn't quite as exciting as normal, but making games isn't as good as watching them played :p

if everyone who was at the stream...

Disappointed that your favourite teams never clashed?
Heart-broken that your heroes narrowly missed their ultimate show down?
Want to see two teams return for a spine-tingling rematch?

Well never fear, The Noxcrew Gameshow Community poll is here!

We're giving you guys the chance to vote for your favorite team and give them a chance to come back for one last match-up right after the Season 1 finale!

The two top voted teams will go against...​