We've been hard at work to bring the Minecraft community another map, and we're almost there!

Minecraft 1.9 is finally releasing next week, and along with it, our very own release too! So have a look at our teaser trailer!

We're designing the map with Multiplayer in mind so that it's a very enjoyable experience with your friends! But don't worry, if you want to play singleplayer, you can do that too just fine!

Look out here on our front page for the...
Hi All,

Just a quick message to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from all of your friends here at the Noxcrew.

It's been a hell of a year here and we're looking forward to what the New Year is going to bring us.

But for now, enjoy the time off, hang out with the people you love, stuff yourselves silly and I hope that you get lots of cool, interesting presents filled with love... or socks, socks are useful :p

See you in 2016!!

All the Best...

On Saturday 14th November 7:30pm GMT, Noxcrew will be hosting an exclusive charity focused Noxcrew Gameshow: Live stream on the Macmillan Game Changers Twitch Channel!

Saturday 14th November 7:30pm GMT until 10pm GMT

Noxcrew are going to Insomnia56!

Yesss!!! Once again, but this time, a completely different venue! The Noxcrew will be attending and exhibiting our Minecraft content during the Insomnia56 gaming convention this December (11th-14th) which will be located at the Birmingham NEC. We'll be there for the full weekend (Friday to Sunday)....

Ladies and gentlemen... After the fantastic success of our last Noxcrew Gameshow: Live (Which you can watch here), we're going ahead with another one with the lovely ladies from Godiva Gaming!

GOING LIVE (03/10/15 7pm BST / 2pm EST) ON:...