Join us for a night of insanity, innuendo and Noxcrew Overlord bashing.

Join us for...

Jackbox Party Pack
Who's invited?

Everyone is invited!

When is it?

10th February 2017 8pm GMT

Where do I join?
The Noxcrew TeamSpeak server: voice.noxcrew.com
Confused? Here's a guide on how to install TeamSpeak3 and join the voice comm server, it's easy!: LINK
Game server IP will be shared on the night with the attendees!


A board-game Game Night...​

This week, we're playing a game you've all been begging to play. One of high-jinx and excitement. Of fast pace action and danger.


So don't worry guys, The cavalry's here for:

Hi everyone,

2017 is gearing up to be one hell of a year, globally and for The Noxcrew. As such, it's time to shake up the Gamenights and get more games, more excitement and more adventure!

What I want for you guys is inspiration!

What games do you guys want to see on the roster this year? MOBA's? MMO'S? Dating Sims?

Its all up to you. Let me know below and we'll see what we can get organised

All the Best
Strap on that Medi Gun and call out for the medic, you're gonna need him this week for:

Team Fortress 2!