Hello everyone, Epic Landlord here and today I'm going to talk about a very exciting opportunity:

Noxcrew are now recruiting Gameshow Builders!

A new project within the Noxcrew Gameshow universe is arising and we’re looking for dedicated builders to work on all-things Gameshow!
If accepted, you will gain access to the Noxcrew Gameshow Factory and can join us on progressing with all the builds and games! Please note that having access to the Gameshow server also gives you the responsibility of caring for it.
The same rules as the Noxcrew Build Team apply here too. However, as part of the Gameshow Builders, you must not share information or media about the projects we work on with anyone outside the Noxcrew Build Team circle.

If you are accepted you will become part of our community and you will be able to hang out with the crew and participate in our community events and...