The Noxcrew Story:
It began back in August 2011.

I'm Noxite. I had just finished my gap year and it was the summer before I head to university. Out of my boredom I decided I wanted to create a Minecraft adventure map. My ambitions were high, so I decided to try and find people to join my team and create one of the most epic adventure map series ever to be laid onto the community; "Paladin's Quest". Many people were intrigued by such a project, not only builders, but artists, musicians and voice actors too - and we slowly grew into a very tight community just wanting to try something new.

Before we were about to release the first episode of the series, I realized we needed a name for our creative team so that we can become known among the community. I'd always called us "Noxite's RPG Build Crew" as a reference beforehand, but that obviously needed to change. Now,...

Fans of the Noxcrew finally have a chance to help out with the Gameshow. The "Let's Build a Gameshow Game!" series takes fan votes, builds, and other skills, and will use the group talent to produce a Gameshow Game that will be played during Season 2 of the Noxcrew Gameshow. Catch up on the videos below, and then stay tuned for new episodes where you can contribute!

Watch the playlist here

Watch the most recent episode right here: