I apologise not only for the lateness of this blog, but also for the lack of pictures once again. I have crept on to Noxite's computer while he's ... tied up and have to write this rather quickly. However, I will do my best to recount yesterday's events before he returns.

Still recovering from the 'Let's Dance' competition of the night before (In which I was suitably fabulous, as usual) The day began later than the day before, but with an air of nervousness as we prepared for the main stage event.

We had, however, already installed all we needed for the event and so the morning's preparations went relatively smoothly, particularly thanks to minions Avondale, Skyao and Huntondoom who got everything ready in one night (Thanks guys xo)

Then it was time, the main event, The Noxcrew Gameshow on the Multiplay i53 Main Stage. We were nervous to be sure, not wanting to repeat the disappointment of i52's event, but with the use of the recording server and the support of all our members...
Though I promised pictures, my dear subjects, the vessel's photography device failed as she began writing and deleted today's photographs

... I am not amused.

Regardless, I am here to detail today's events, with or without visual aids (The boys were taking photos I believe and I will upload them as soon as I get my nightmare hands on them.)

The day began far earlier than any of us would have liked to the cacophony of various alarms, the workers arriving at our booth at 8am to toil at the client. As our beloved subjects came to visit us, despite the quietness of the event (they tell me this 'School' was keeping the children from attending) the server seemed stable, abet a few bugs, playing the bizarre games of The Noxcrew's design with little difficulty...

Until the update...

Soon the whole system was ablaze with fire and brimstone, children wept as mothers cried out in terror, menfolk fleeing from the horrors!!!!

Ok a tad melodramatic, however, with the coders hard at work,...
Salutations My Dear Subjects, The Noxcrew and the Vessel are once more in the realm of Coventry, UK, which has also been blessed with mine own presence in this accursed land. Rejoice, people of Coventry, that I, your Beloved Queen, Noctis, has arrived.

I promise, that beyond this day I will provide photography and other such heathen visual aids to convey the excitement of our travels, but at this time, the vessel has been lazy and not used the camera device brought with her (She will be beaten later)

There is little to report on at this time, bar The Vessel's victory at the 'Cards against Humanity' game and the acquisition of fermented beverages for the pleasure of the workers. For now, we sit at our allotted booth, a generous gift by the lovely subjects of Multiplay, preparing the ridiculous gameshow that The Noxcrew insist on working on for the loyal subjects that will arrive on the morrow.

I truly look forward to meeting you, My loyal subjects, and hope you will find...
The Noxcrew are a community of creative people that band together to make great gaming content in a variety of games! Currently, we're pretty stuck in making cool stuff in Minecraft, but we'd never be afraid to try out something else! :)

We like funny. We like epic. We like... Quirk.

The Noxcrew have existed since August 2011 and have worked on a large variety of projects such as The Noxcrew Gameshow, Jeoffrey's Chamber, Fable Hunters, Paladin's Quest, Tales,...

We're back again! The Noxcrew returns to Coventry's Ricoh Arena for the next Multiplay event - Insomnia I53, running from the 21nd to the 23th November 2014

Appearing alongside SkydoesMinecraft, The Diamond Minecart, Antvenom, Dartron and others, The Noxcrew are back to bring the Gameshow to the masses at our ever popular booth, along with signing events, to be announced stage appearances and our special brand of Noxcrew mischief, usually involving dancing.

For more information visit the Multiplay Insomnia Website