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Would anyone watch an MCPE gameshow inspired by the Noxcrew gameshow?

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Fluffyrox4, May 22, 2017.

  1. As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been any news for another season of the noxcrew gameshow, which I'm really sad about. It's so GOOD! Anyway, after watching these recently I've decided to attempt to make my own gameshow inspired by this one, but in pocket edition. The reason I would do it in pocket edition is because it's by far the most accessible platform for me to be able to build and play on, so I was wondering if anyone out there would watch it, let alone want to be a part of it.

    If it sound kind of cool, tell me and I can post some screenshots of what I have so far. Thanks!

    PS. Anyone know about a third season of Noxcrew Gameshow? I'd love to be a part, or even just watch More!
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  2. I've decided to post a few screenshots of the show so far, and I'm happy with it. While it won't be massive in scale like the noxcrew games how (or at least to start with anyway), I'm going to go for something different, so it will by no means be following the same formula as NG, just inspired.

    A few things about the screenshots.
    1-The UM up the back of the room in one of the shots stands for UltiMiner, but I'm not sure whether or not to keep this name, so It may change.
    2- THE screenshots in the tank of water with the platforms and the pipes and all is round one for every episode. The water that looks a bit off is just a visual glitch caused by shaders, so it's nothing huge to worry about.

    Anyway, I don't want to reveal too much more except for the fact that if enough people are interested by it then I'll make it bigger and all that, and I'd love to know what people think, but that isn't for a while.

    At this point I'm not even sure if this post is relevant to the Noxcrew but Meh.


    Screenshot_20170527-232315.png Screenshot_20170527-232324.png Screenshot_20170527-232230.png Screenshot_20170527-232252.png

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  3. OK so I've basically finished the build for the first game of many. I was wondering what you thought of it and if the aesthetic was OK. Obviously it isn't 100% finished, because I still have a few small details to work out and I need to sort out the vines because they are a bit out of control. Anywho, I was wondering if you thought Im on the right track for the aesthetics. Also, I'm not going to reveal what the game is about just yet, but you might be able to work it out from looking at it. Thanks!

    Note: This post is probably a bit all over the place because I'm tired, and I'm trying to get this posted quickly and yeah.

    Screenshot_20170608-230252.png Screenshot_20170608-230305.png Screenshot_20170608-230321.png
  4. They look nice! I quite like the look of the last one with the vines, what are you going to call it?

    Are you building this all by yourself?
  5. The game with the vines is called River Rush, and as a matter of fact, I recently filmed a video with some of the people who will be helping me with the rest of the gameshow where we did a tour of the main area and tested the mini game. A fair bit has changed aesthetics wise with the game but if anything it looks a lot cooler.

    As for if I'm alone, for everything in the screenshots, yes. BUT, I will be getting some help from a few people I know when I go to make the next few games.

    Also with the recent announcement of cross platform play It'll be much easier to find people who can help and play in the gameshow itself, so I can't wait for that.

    I'll also try to get the video up as soon as I can for anyone that wants to check it out :p
  6. OK so I made a video of the main set tour and a test run of the above games that I've made so far with some of the team, if anyone's interested :p

    A lot has changed since we made this video in terms of river rush too. For a start, we no longer have concrete to build bridges with and contestants no longer get a pickaxe, but they do get a stone sword. THANKS!
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  7. I Wish I Had MCPE But I Only Have Java Edition, I Try To Make Stuff Like This But I'm Not Good At It :(
  8. This won't be ready for quite a bit but there are a few things you could do...

    Firstly, once the cross platform update is released (which will hopefully be before we'very finished this) you'll be able to play in our gameshow on Pocket Edition, Win10 and practically every version of the console edition, so if you have one of those you'll be set.

    I'm also looking for ideas for games and if you want to see one of your ideas then I'd be happy to look into it as long as it was original and exciting.

    The reason we aren't making this on Java is because the Noxcrew Gameshow is on Java and let's be honest... I'm pretty sure they have the Java department covered :p

    I went off on a bit of a tangent then but I wanted to address a few extra little things that I hadn't already too. Thanks!
  9. I Do Have A Idea But It Might Be Stupid. Its Kind Of Like Pacman Except Both Teams Are Trying To Collect As Many Dots As They Can In The Maze And They Can Kill Each Other To Steal There Dots, But Once You Leave The Maze You Can't Go Back In.
  10. Also When They Die They Spawn In the Middle Of The Map And There Team Can Help Get Them Out
  11. It's not stupid :)

    I personally quite like the concept, and I think I might use it, with credit of course. I'd also like to change it slightly but keep the main idea, if that's OK with you :)
  12. It's Fine With Me!
  13. OK so the second minigame was finished a while back but we finally got around to testing it, and it was loads of fun!

    Here's the video:

    A few things have changed since the last video and this one too.

    Firstly, I did turn down the rate at which the items spawn at to a much slower rate which now makes the game more harder to become super overpowered with arrows, and we also tested it like this and it worked fine.

    I didn't really elaborate on it in the video but our original mechanic decided to leave the our small team, but thankfully we had someone ready to fill in, which was great.

    Games are being built slowly and I think it may keep up like that for a bit, but hopefully we can try and get people who are interested and maybe even open applications soon? I dunno, I think I'm being a bit too ambitious but we'll see!

    Oh yeah, and I think this video proves that touch controls are not recommended. At. All. :)
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  14. Hey I Just Got Minecraft Windows 10 So I Would Like To Be A Contestant If I Could
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  15. Also I Just Watched Your Update Video #2 And You Said You Should Probably Let Them Do Something When They Die,Well You Could Have A Little Room With A Door To A Parkour Challenge And Have A Button That Lets Them Spectate The Match
  16. Just Got A New Idea,You Could Have 1 Player Of Each Team Be The Runners And The Other A Hunter. The Hunters Are Trying To Get The Runners, But The Thing Is The Runners Will Have A Speed Boost.
  17. Awesome! We don't know what the criteria for being able to be on the show will be just yet, but something you and any other people they can do if they are interested is to track down a partner for their team, as we'll be having teams of two.

    I like your idea of the parkour room, and I would totally do the SPECTATE button but because some of our games are in a smaller space in which you can't really fit much, that may be an issue, but I'll see what I can do!

    Do you mean like a hide and seek kind of game, or like a dragon escape style game?
  18. I Mean't A Hide And Seek Kind Of Game
  19. OK Cool! I'll think about it and see what I can do!
  20. I Just Got A Great Idea (In My Mind) So You And Your Team Mate Will Be Trapped In A Room With 3 Signs And A Chest. Inside The Chest Are Wool And Clay Blocks, Which You Must Take 3 Of And Put In The Slots To Get Out. The 3 Signs Will Give You A Riddle To Help You Find Out Which Blocks To Put Where.

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