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Welcome to The New Website!

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hello and Welcome to the brand new Noxcrew Website

    We (and by we, I mean Noxite) have always felt dissatisfied with our old websites. They were either too plain, or too distant or just not fun.

    It was about time we got rid of the old Enjin website and got ourselves a proper one!

    A place where we could bring all our projects together, rather than spread out distantly across the internet. Where we could make everything look lovely and neat, showing off the very best of our Maps, Machinimas and Music all under one roof. Where you could tell us what you think about our work and let us know what you want to see (More Jeoffrey's Chamber for me please, but I'm biased).

    So yes, in sacrifice for this lovely new site and forums, we're going to lose all our accounts (You'll have to sign up again), old threads and post counts, but it's definantly going to be worth it!

    But don't worry, the old website will still be online for a while, so if there's any threads you'd like to copy across, you can go and grab them! Luckily, Xenforo recognizes the same format Enjin uses, so you can literally just copy and paste!

    You can access the old site here: http://noxcrew.enjin.com/forum

    So enjoy and tell us what you think of the new forums!


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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Jul 10, 2014.

    1. MidScorp
      This looks WAY more neater. Great Job!
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    2. absorr
      This may be because I have a High DPI screen (I use a Surface Pro 2), but the website content is not centered at all. There is a lot of horizontal scrolling space. It makes it annoying to use.
    3. InfiniteWimboo
      Are you viewing it through the Internet Explorer App for Windows 8.1? If so, you problem is occuring because the program is enlarging many of the sites components to enable navigating using the touchscreen easier. Try connecting to our site through the desktop version instead (Or try using Firefox or Chrome,) it should scale it more appropriately and ensure that it is centred. :D
    4. absorr
      Nope, I am using Chrome. Make sure in your CSS that the container has a max-width of 100% so that it can't be wider than the screen you are viewing it on.

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