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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SirChipsalot, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Hi there does anyone know if the UHC games are still running there not been anything for weeks now and I really enjoyed them, if you are not hosting them anymore burning then I mite be tempted to start host some games my self?
  2. The UHC games are still going, however, BurningT is having a few computer issues at the moment so has put UHC on hold while the issues are sorted.
    They should be restarting soon, once everything's back to normal.
  3. oh ok cool thx for letting me know
  4. Hi I'm alive.

    I might do one tomorrow on very short notice but don't expect a huge gamemode, as I'm still having computer issues there is also the chance there may not be one again this week.

    Sorry for the lack of games but these issues have given me very little time to prepare anything. But I definitely haven't stopped hosting them, they will be back!
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  5. How the computer coming if you are still having problems? is it alright if I host some games for a while until you are back up and running?
  6. Is burning dead or has he got board of hosting there has not been a game for ages realy miss it hope every thing is alright

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  7. Same, I really miss the great times we had
  8. What great times?
    All i remember is being backstabbed by you multiple times
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  9. Dont forget the teamkills
  10. And the screaming.... Oh the screaming.
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  11. Hi again it has been so long since the last UHC game was hosted by burning so I am asking noctis is it all right for me to start hosting UHC games until Burning comes back.

    If I can I cant host one this week but I can start next week, this is not to stealing anything that burning has done, He does an amazing job at host but its been like 4/5 months and I really miss playing
    so let me Know what you think or an concerns you have on the idea thanks
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  12. ^^^^ Great idea imo!!

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