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The UHC Gamenight Stats Ladder - 2016

Discussion in 'Guides and Information' started by Burning, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Introduction

    This page is just for some fun competition and statistics, I keep a record and archive of each 1.8 game we've had so far!

    This table you see here is the overall league table, the points are decided as follows:
    ((kills / deaths) * plays) + (wins * 3) + plays + first blood
    So to summarise, this is how the point system works and what they consist of:
    • Balanced out KDR
      • Your KDR is multiplied by how many games you've played. Because of this formula, even if you have won games and got kills but had 0 deaths, you won't score higher than those with deaths for two reasons:
        1. The points aren't determined on KDR alone.
        2. It's to prevent players from floating on top of the table (e.g. If you play only 1 game and get 7 kills and win, you can never play again and just stay on top of the table as you won't ever get a first death.)
        In the case that you have 0 deaths but have wins and kills, it will be treated as 0.5 in the formula (as you can't divide by 0).
    • Each win is worth 3 points
    • You get 1 point for each game you play, so that way you will points will go up every time you play, regardless of how well you do!
    • Team Kills will not be counted.

    The Table

    ^ - Moved up a position
    ˅ - Moved down a position
    - New player
    W - Wins
    K - Kills
    D - Deaths
    GP - Games Played
    FB - First Blood
    TK - Team Kills

    Other Stats
    • Longest Game: #25 - Dragon's Destination, FFA - 3:52:25
    • Shortest Game: #23 - 4 Large Teams, rTo5 - 1:14:07
    • Largest Game: #23 - 4 Large Teams, rTo5 - 20 players
    • Smallest Game: #16/#21 - The 2015 Quiz/Vanilla+, rTo2 - 12 players
    • Most Kills by 1 Player in a Single Game: 8 (crazy_monkey7531) - #43, CutClean, FFA
    • Most Times Playing Before Winning: Paradox_Guy - 21 games
    Team Kills
    • Gijs2209 - Pandazande (#018)
    • oWave - silverteeth (#018)
    • Rob0_ - Gijs2209 (#019)
    • TheBushBandit - RwDragon (#019)
    • Rob0_ - TheBushBandit (#031)
    • Gijs2209 - Robbedoesm (#032)
    • digital_shark_ - Mr_Flame_ (#032)
    • Rob0_ - BlackIcicle (#033)
    • Gijs2209 - crazy_monkey7531 (#45)
    Untracked Games
    • #026 - Vanilla+, rTo2

    Extra Notes
    • nawt
    #1 Burning, Jan 4, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2016
  2. So does this mean I should reset all the stats on the server bit as well?
  3. Sure.
  4. R.I.P Crumpets play streak
    Burning likes this.
  5. You finally posted...
  6. i could swear last year you got points for being 2nd and 3rd.
  7. Yup, im not lazy anymore and pressed the "log-in" button :D
  8. Oi, Burning!
    Update the scoreboard with the scores from #17 you skrub!
    Also, give me 1000 points...
    I mean, it was worth a try.
  9. I haven't forgotten don't worry. Was just tired last night so I didn't do it then.
  10. im 6th!? The hell is this!?!?
    Burning likes this.
  11. Longest Time with No Kills or Wins: sportycuff/Paradox_Guy - 4 games
    being honest. i thought i took this. lol
  12. Sorry guys but I'm going to have to leave out stats for #26. My display driver crashed during the game and lost my recording, so I can't tell who played or got first blood. :s

    If someone else has all this then I can do it, otherwise it will have to go untracked.
  13. RIPperonis
    if it feels better i know a mob got first blood XD
    (maybe we should add mobs to the leaderboards XD)
  14. Anyone notice the massive difference between 3rd and 4th?
  15. Have not updated this from last week yet >_>
  16. the difference will be even bigger then ^_^
  17. update it plz
  18. when i have time
  19. It's been a while i'm still #25 on the leaderboard, also can I change name on forums

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