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The Survival Server - What do?

Discussion in 'Gameshow Survival Server' started by Noxite, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. I would like to chime in on this conversation.

    I do agree with Jammy on 1.7 (1.7.10 to be exact)
    although there are some great mods in 1.8 and beyond, the 1.7.10 threshold is where you find the majority of the mods.
    the reason that mods don't make it past 1.7.10 is because Mojang completely restructured how Minecraft was formatted, and in turn turned the modding community on its head, many of the mods you see that do make it to 1.8 and beyond needed to be restructured almost from the ground up.

    that however is where my opinion stops agreeing with Jammy.
    for the most part my opinion aligns mostly with Taggrin and most the stuff I would have said has already been said by him.

    However there is one major red flag for me I want to address to a greater extent:

    This REALLY bothers me. Mods aside, this shouldn't even be on the table.
    The ONLY person who should force ANYTHING on someone is oneself, if its by choice (Like how season 2 was set up by my understanding.) then its that person's choice.
    But if it were set up the way you have been describing it so far, we might as well just roll for positions right now.

    I do understand what you are saying to an extent, and by what I understand the ideal modpack would be basically where players would each branch out and either work on one mod together or one person working on a smaller mods. However, with what you have given us so far it would not work.
    I know you talk about TFC like its the bread and butter of all mods and how its so balanced. I mean sure, it might be a fantastic mod, but that might not allure to some people.

    I can fully understand your desire to prevent people from becoming op and in turn decide to stop playing, but tunneling on one mod isn't going to help your case. There are other mods that can keep people playing even if there are op items in the mod.
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  2. Following up on my previous post.
    I have failed to reply in a way that forewords this conversation in a beneficial manner.
    That being said, I have been doing some research.

    By what I understand, Terrafirnacraft is a pretty solid standalone mod,
    similar to that of Pixelmon or Orespawn.
    Now that alone isn't bad, in fact in theory you would choose Terrafirmacraft as the core mod and then find multiple smaller mods that complement your main mod.

    But what if people don't want to play a more realistic version of Minecraft. My personal preferences revolve around multi-block structure and RF powered mods. That is why I personally like mods like Big Reactors and Draconic Evolution. (I am also sold on Railcraft)

    Now Jammy, if its the forge style crafting system you enjoy there might be a middle-ground mod for you.
    Tinkers construct, mind you its not a perfect match to your expectations as you do have the potential of creating some really OP weapons,
    but that also insures that other people might use the mod too.

    I am not sure how to fit this in my current thought process so I am going to just post some mods I would like to potentially see in the modpack and why I think they would be a good fit.

    Carpenters Blocks: If 1.7 is on the table, I REALLY recommend this mod, it allows you to turn any block into half-slabs, stairs, or even slopes.along with doors, fences, torches, trapdoors, beds, and probably other things I forgot to mention, and they can all be customized with whatever block you want.

    Custom NPCs mod: This is another mod I highly recommend, and this one didn't die at 1.7.10 either. On the surface it allows you to make npcs, but there is so much more to it then that.This is mod is actually a fantastic mod for a role-play server, you can make quests, Avondale can make custom crafting recipes without needing command blocks, it even allows the player to make a small amount of furniture.

    the next two would both be considered "furniture" based mods, but they both serve very different purposes

    Mr. Crayfish Furniture Mod: this one is furniture for the sake of furniture, there is some functionality to the mod but its mainly just furniture.

    Bibliocraft: Now this one is more of a fancy way to store items in the overworld, the main reason I suggest this mod is for the fact that this mod adds armor stands to 1.7 (it didn't survive the 1.8 transfer...)

    Research mods like Thaumcraft (and I believe Botania, but don't quote me on that I haven't looked into that mod much...) should also be viewed as potential candidates for a server modpack because they add another branch in which people can pursue.
  3. These two mods are known to cause a lot of lag though, so I am not sure how that would work out on a server with a bunch of people.

    Thaumcraft was ported to 1.8 modpack, but unfortunately not to the 1.9/1.10 packs yet (same applies for a soul research mod called Intangible). Maybe they will in the future. Botania is some sort of research mod yea, but it mainly relies on mana (generated through special flowers) other than elements/resources.
  4. that is something that slipped my mind, thank you for mentioning that.

    But that brings another good point, chunk loaders.
    they would on the surface be a fantastic thing, after all being to walk away and let whatever do its thing while you are away.
    But wouldn't the extra loaded chunks potentially be a lag issue for the server or is that just me misunderstanding how chunk loaders work?
    and its not like this is something we can just ignore, chances are that at least one of the mods we add will have at least one form of chunk loader. Railcraft for example has one.
  5. Well, there is always something like rules so we can enforce not to use them. If people ignore these rules, the server will eventually become unplayable, so they only ruin it themselves (and for others).
  6. I know its a bit like beating a dead horse by posting, but I don't think we have gotten anywhere on this thread so far.

    so, for a quick recap:

    We decided that one of the major issues with the survival server is a sort of "been there, done that"

    the two major ways we have currently discussed how to fix this issue are to either open it to the public or for it to be modded

    The idea that the server was going to be open to the public was shot down rather quickly, and in turn replaced with the a more restricted concept. Now I am SURE there some wonderful people in the community, but as I think Neon properly put.
    (mind you I have never been on the build server, and I don't know anything about this shark incident. but I think we can all agree that it only takes one bad person to ruin the fun for the rest.)

    now as for the modded aspect of the conversation, that is where things don't really progress.

    for one thing, the only people I have seen to put heavy opinions into this topic are
    Jammy, Taggrin, or myself.
    (and that shouldn't be the case, after all we are only three people out of the entire community.)

    and as for making a modpack, the only mod we can safely say might be going into the modpack (mind you, this is if we make one) would be railcraft. (now before I go any further, there is one negative thing I would like to say about railcraft. and that is that one of the death messages is a tad bit on the mature side when someone dies on electric rails.)

    now as for the mods people have already have put on the table, regardless of wither they have been "shot down" or not.

    Miss Playing:
    Biomes O'Plenty
    Pams Harvest Craft
    Chisels and Bits

    Connor Campbell:


    Terrafirmacraft (adamantly)
    One the following, and I quote:
    this modpack:
    the individual mods he mentioned:
    Forestry + Gendustry
    Ender IO
    Tinkers Construct
    Biomes 'O Plenty
    Draconic Evolution
    Blood Magic
    Chisels & Bits + Chisel
    Immersive Engineering

    Cato_Leo(hey look, its me!):
    Tinkers Construct
    Big Reactors
    Draconic Evolution
    Carpenters Blocks
    Custom Npcs mod
    Mr. Crayfish Funture Mod

    now I would also like to add just a few more to my end of the list, and my reasoning behind them.

    Dragon mounts: its a fun use for the dragon egg, and it complements Draconic Evolution if its added.
    Iron chests: more storage, nothing else to see here.
    The Thermal famally.(Thermal foundation, Thermal dynamics, Minefactory reloaded, ect.): this is me suggesting these mods for the sake of suggesting them, I do like RF mods after all.
    Extra Utilites: now I know, this is also another item transport style mod. However there is more this mod has to offer, unstable ingots in particular being something that could really spice up your Minecraft experience!
    a recipe mod of some description: do I need to say any more?
    simply achievements: I mainly want this mod to see what kind of crazy and silly achievements Avondale can come up with...
    Magical crops: this one is an ODDBALL of the group, I recommend adding this one after everyone is is already on their way to the endgame, I mean to a point to where resource collecting is a minor inconvenience at WORST. This not only would give new players to the server a way to catch up, but it would also make sure that the world wasn't eventually drained of mandatory resources for some mods.

    I wish to get more people into this conversation. After all the more opinions we have, the more decisive we can be.
    Now that being said, lets strive to move this conversation to a productive end.

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