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The Survival Server - What do?

Discussion in 'Gameshow Survival Server' started by Noxite, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Hey folks!

    So, the survival server has been a bit dormant for quite some time now, but there has still been a lot of interest and ideas put forward towards to 'bring it back to life'.

    BushBandit posed an idea that it should just be open to anyone, not just Patrons, so that it could have a bit more of a lively community, but how would you guys see this being implemented? How do we still tie this in with Patronage?

    What do you think the current problems with the survival server is?
    Do you have any other ideas where you would like to see the survival server go?
    What else do you want from it?

    Let's start a discussion here ;)
  2. I think the issue is that the whole roleplay thing is a bit limited. Personally I find vanilla minecraft survival very boring, but the senate meetings brings some new elements in the mix. However, those meetings are maybe once a week or even a month. Outside these meetings you may set up a shop and do a bit of roleplay, but by far the majority of the time it is just basic plain vanilla survival. I make a house, build some farms and enchant my armor, but after that I am pretty much done with it.

    I would love to see a modded server. I played several worlds with some noxcrew/noxsquad people on servers I hosted and we had a great time. There is so much more to do than just making yet another sugar cane farm. I can make awesome factories, program alarm systems and games on computers, find a much more diverse world with awesome biomes and what not. If you don't like factories you can get into magic, troll people with an undead army, keep bees or breed new crops (like over 40 plants). People won't be finished in a week with content they have done dozens of times before. Modded can be quite overwhelming for people new to it though and you may need a beefy computer, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to put it into this discussion anyway.

    I wouldn't mind to allow Noxsquad members to log on as well. More people is always fun. This also goes with the whole idea to avoid a split in the community like we did to the teamspeak channels. On the other hand, it will limit the amount of rewards of Patrons, so we might need to figure out some new content we can offer. Also when having more people on the server we also have to set things up to avoid griefing and other offences.


    Of course the modded server would then also have a senate. Same setup, just more to do.
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  3. The problem with modded is that people can get overpowered really quickly. We used to have a modded server that Nosjo hosted, and it was fun for a while, but once people got overpowered then others lost interest until it eventually died out. Another issue was the lag it created was insane, especially when loading new chunks (which can be vital for modded) - and survival can be laggy as it is
  4. I like the idea of a modded server, I feel it would be a great idea to add a modpack such as Skyfactory or A custom one created by us. It would be fun for us to discuss this in a meeting and see what everyone's views are on the matter, maybe about making a custom mod pack or even coming up with more idea's to help revive the current server!
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  5. I am personally not against a modded server,
    my reasoning for this is that not only does it add more to ones experience
    but if you were to add a mod like custom npc, you could make a full coherent story-line for people to follow if they are getting bored.
    I mean sure, it can get to the point to where you can get overpowered, but that is something that can't be avoided even in normal minecraft.
    but if you did something like a Pokemon go style server (Truthfully, that suggestion is just me trying to find an excuse to play pixelmon)
    that is my two cents on the topic of modded survival, I wanted to say that ever since I saw Madravers post on slack talking about it.

    The issue I see with this is that it's harder to make sure people are following the rules of the server, if its open to the community then there is a good chance that someone is likely to just grief because they can, or cheat, or stuff of the sort.

    I mean sure, it would have the potential to revive the server, but at what cost?
    If you were to open it up to the public, it basically becomes as good as any other public server without the security plugins.
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  6. I'd very much like to see a Senate meeting on this. It'd be very fun to Roleplay. :)

    1. I would like to see a modded server too, though I'd say not as heavily modded as Skyfactory and the like. Just smaller mods that adds more items we can incorporate into the world without everyone becoming overpowered.

    2. Taking experience from the Build Server, opening it up to the Public would be a bad idea. Trusted Noxsquad members (with verification from patreons and Noxcrew), I'd accept, but not everyone (None of us want another Shark incident!)
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  7. There is a modpack for 1.10 now, you can view all included mods here:

    (It may seem a lot, but many do not add any items and are just libraries/plugins for other mods etc.)

    The only mod in this pack I would call "overpowered" is Draconic Evolution. However, this is really endgame and you need to kill the Ender Dragon and what not to start with it (and it is really grindy if you want to get to the powerful stuff). I wouldn't be worried about people having extremely overpowered gear within the first month(s).

    The whole overpowered thing is not really an argument to me though. You can easily become overpowered in vanilla as well. Me and CP played only like 1-1.5 week on the current server and we have 3 double chests full of gold blocks and one full of mending books. In modded needing this amount of items ain't unusual to get the powerful gear.

    I wouldn't go with Skyfactory or things like that, as that is too much of a change for most people. This pack will have just a normal world with new biomes added.

    I like this idea. Accepting everyone might not be a very good idea indeed, but there are several Noxsquad people who have been around for a long time I trust without any doubt.
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  8. I'd play with Pixelmon, they're currently in a beta on version 1.10, and coming out of it soon with a lot of new additions.
    I'm also happy to use mods that just add a little bit more, such as Biomes O Plenty, Pams Harvest Craft, and Chisel and Bits
  9. I personally feel like the problem was the longevity of the server, a way to increase it would be add an idea that would help it and be done or to add a mod.

    A mod that I would suggest is terrafirmacraft. It adds a lot of new mechanics to the game and really benefits from group play. It also helps stop the over powered argument as it adds no gear that does that and removes enchanting. The base of the mod is actually surviving and slowly upgrading your tools. A good way to do this would do the usual split into groups and just work through the mod, we can actually do the war idea for the current server but it would make war come with a price as if you lose your gear it's not as easy to get back.
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  10. TerraFirmaCraft is only available for 1.7.10 though, so I don't think that is a wise thing to do.

    The advantage of a modpack over adding a mod like Pixelmon is that players are free to choose what they are interested in. You don't have to use every mod in the pack. It is possible to make custom modpacks with FTB, but in general it is a huge pain to get every mod you included to work on the server (due to libcores and mod interactions) that it is not worth the effort.
  11. Sounds like everyone wants a new Jazzcraft. I'd be down for that
  12. I'd be up for a modded server. Personally, i'd love to see the witchcraft mod, and Jurassicraft among other things :p
  13. Witchery is an awesome mod, but unfortunately it hasn't been ported to 1.8+ yet.

    Since 80% of the mods in the pack I posted are either libcores or mods that just add 1 or 2 items, I'll post a list here of the 'bigger' mods included so people can read up more about it if they want:

    Forestry + Gendustry (Bee keeping / Automated farms)
    Ender IO (Item and storage management with tubes)
    Tinkers Construct (Custom tool creation and modification)
    Biomes 'O Plenty (Adds a huge load of new biomes, one of the best mods ever) CLICK HERE FOR ALBUM
    Harvestcraft (Adds like 60 new crops and 30+ oak trees that can have fruits like apple, avocado, nuts, ...)
    Draconic Evolution (Endgame power/tools mod requiring very hard rituals with the Ender Dragon)
    RFTools (Endgame mod that allows you to create temporary custom worlds for huge power costs)
    Blood Magic (Dark magic mod that requires the sacrifice of a lot of peasants hehe)
    Botania (Flower magic mod, includes various cool bossfights)
    Chisels & Bits + Chisel (Allows modified structure/texture of blocks to make epic houses)
    Immersive Engineering (Steampunk style item processing machinery)
    OpenComputers (Computer programming, new mod I'd like to try out!)
    IndustrialCraft (Ore processing mod)
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  14. although i want a modded server im gunna poke holes in most of this
    nobody likes bees so we dont need gendustry
    ender io facilitates getting things done super quickly making us finish the map within days
    we dont need harvest craft and biomes o plenty
    draconic evolution is super op no matter how hard it is to get to once your there theres nothing to do
    RF tools is just stupid for a public-ish server because one world is gonna get laggy
    blood magic is more op then draconic evolution
    botanias boss fights are cool but they rely on you being op and only the bosses prove a challenge so once again no challenge in playing
    and industrialcraft is super outdated now and is basically fisher prices my first mod and is super boring

    i think mods should create solutions but if the reason people like vanilla minecraft is things arnt handed to you on a plate and a lot of these mods hand you your solutions on a plate sometimes wish a side dish and a bottle of wine

    and we need to remember a lot of us arnt people making content out of this mostly so we dont have a need to create interesting things and because there isnt a need people will always take the easy way and leave everyone behind

    i think we need to force cooperation and make things hard like instead of transporting items through pipes force people to use railcraft or let people choose specialties with mods in a modpack and they should stick to them and force cooperation between people to get stuff done which should balance itself out by having the jobs nobody wants to do somebody does it and you have no competition and everybody is reliant on you so you get a lot of resources because you stepped up

    or use very difficult modpacks such as the difficult skyblock ones and add competition to make people want to work together to win and balance things by having random team captains and once finnished we can switch up teams and start again using new knowlage of the pack to do better or new packs kind of like how UHC is run, not to mention skyblock words will remove any chunk generation lag which is great

    i also think terrafirmacraft solves a lot of these options because it is a single mod reducing lag, its hard and working together is highly encouraged and i can see no problems with 1.7 taggrin
  15. - You not liking bees doesn't mean nobody likes it.
    - Still more interesting than hooking up your mobfarm to double chests with hoppers
    - It makes the world much more interesting (and then you also won't need TFC)
    - Draconic takes a long time to complete. You might not have much to do related to armor at that point, but you will reach this issue much much much more faster in vanilla minecraft. I am fully geared with best enchants + mending on the current server with less than a week of playing.
    - I agree, it is the only mod in the pack I don't really see a need of.
    - Same as draconic
    - Content doesn't have to be challenging. Just having more to do is already a nice bonus.
    - Old maybe, but hence why you combine it with Immersive Engineering.

    There is plenty stuff to do. You can make a huge farm/greenhouse and try to get every crop available, make a nice looking house using custom blocks with chisel (I bet you won't finish that in a day) and what not. It is not about rushing a mod to its endgame and then just raise your hands like "Help!". I mean, if you can't make up something to do with all this content, what the hell did people do on the vanilla server? I bet that is why everyone left so quickly.

    I don't think this will work. Oh I need to make a rail system near my house, time to call the only railcraft expert. Oh crap, he didn't log on for 2 weeks, what do I do now.

    Skyblock isn't difficult. It is just a boring grind. Played it a few days as well and you spend the majority of the time right clicking with blocks to sift them for ores. Especially early game is boring as hell.

    Sure we can consider TFC, but calling 1.7 no problem on a mod that hasn't been updated for like a year and runs on an old version of MC is not really a strong argument while calling other mods outdated.
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  16. -ender io is just fast simpler hoppers in your analogy and removes any challenge from thing such as sorting items or mass storage
    -biomes o plenty is cool i never had a problem with that but doubling up with harvest craft adds things that an equivalent already exists
    -draconic is just op and once you get into it you have ran out of things to do and then what? same result as having full mending gear ect
    -content does have to be challengeing because whats the point in doing 2+2 every day all day when you could do 54*68 then 98*12 ect
    -and industrial craft is so simple and the whole mod is pointless now because you cant do anything in the mod you couldent do with a differnt mod not to mention the newer it has become the less features it has and the easier it has become

    -why would you want every crop available? not to mention a farm of them and collecting them is just luck and a lot of world generation thats bad for a server
    -I am sure i could make a nice looking custom house with chisel and bits in a day
    -and on the vanilla server we facilitated out roleplay and you have not suggested any kind of roleplay, we needed to build entire islands and ships so we needed a lot of powerful tools to do that because its a large job and unless everybody is doing it roleplay is pointless

    - the system i suggested means that if nobody is doing the job you can switch jobs and do something else meaning you could get the business of the person who left or find another way to do it, with how many mods are in most packs there is almost always another way to do something

    -skyblock is a grind yes that is why i suggested a way to spice it up with competition and many skyblocks has added acceleration to the early game such as growing trees faster or adding auto sieves

    and why does a mod have to be updated to be good? id still say better then wolves is a great mod and that hasnt been updated since 1.5.2.
    your basically saying that dota 2 is better then counterstrike because dota is on the source 2 game engine and counterstrike is on source 1
    and mods get outdated based on the mods they work with such as buildcraft got outdated because better mods came along and replaced it almost completely whereas terrafirmacraft is almost always played on its own and changes so much so its more like a game in the game engine minecraft then a mod
  17. - I am just stating some challenges you could consider. It is possible to farm gardens or crossbreed, so it has no heavy load on worldgen. Vanilla minecraft enchantments (and a lot of other things) are also about luck, so I am not sure what you try to reach with that argument. Do you have bad memories of some FTB packs? Because you are really nitpicking about some things.

    - Oh yes, you can even finish in an hour. It just depends what scale you go and how much detail you want. But at least you have way more options than you would have with a vanilla house.

    - I am totally open for a lot of roleplay, but it shouldn't be a restriction. If I want to do a quick small project I better finish it myself right away. If it is a bigger project I can hire someone else to build it or at least make them supply me with items. Having different professions is great thing for roleplay, but it shouldn't be a restricting factor on gameplay.

    A competition basically splits the server community in two, instead of something fun we do together. Sounds good though that they finally fixed the boring early game grind.

    A mod does not have the be updated to be good. But we are in Minecraft 1.11 now with new blocks, mechanics and combat. Like I said before, TFC ain't a bad choice, but it also won't hurt to try something new for once.
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  18. I just tried TFC. Because it is 1.7 it uses the old pre-1.8 modded chunk generation system which has a memory leak issue. When loading a lot of chunks you are forced to restart every so often. This is why you want to play in newer versions of minecraft.

    And basically TFC is just vanilla minecraft with some altered rules. Endgame takes longer to reach, but it mainly is a waiting game and the endgame offer just as much to do - if not less - than vanilla minecraft.
  19. TFC still is new because im sure not many people in out community have even played it never mind gotten far into it, and its not a waiting game is an exploring and skill game where you have to learn the best ways to smith parts and metals and learn how to find and mine ores and adds some realism and difficulty to vannila minecraft which i love and no minecraft mods have any kind of end game really because end game in all games generally involves competition which you seem to be so against

    i also found out yesterday that theres mods that pre generate the world to a set amount of chunks then you copy the world from singleplayer to the server and you have a fully generated world if you set up world boarders

    and im trying to create goals that everybody wants to strive for and not limiting people making there own goals but your just offering a way for people to make there own which is very difficult to do for the long term especially when not all of out community knows about all the mods we are trying to add so a set goal lets them learn how to do things sequentially and work with others

    what is the point of roles and jobs if you arnt restricted because if your not restricted then there is no point in the roles at all because if you can do anything then why have a job when you job could just be everything

    and i dont see what your problem with competition and splitting the community, thats literally what UHC does and a lot of people enjoy that and they have been running with more more consistent players then the survival server did so perhaps its the competition and goal of winning and getting the goals of achievements and points burning has set

    and finally its my entire job in the noxcrew to build things that look as detailed and nice as possible in as little time as possible yet you doubt i could do it is pretty funny infact chisel and bits makes it even easier because i can create my own decor rather then having to use minecrafts extremely limited decor options
  20. So you are calling waiting 1 hour on making a stack of charcoal a challenge and the option to progress/use a dozen of mods not? I am pretty sure other packs offer enough content people didn't do yet before.

    Because it just doesn't work to restrict people. If I need a stack of fish for a recipe and I am too lazy to get them, the fisherman shop would be a great option. But forbidding people to use a fishing rod it just stupid. Even though shops are a nice addition, the main roleplay idea was with the senate etc. and we should focus on that instead.

    When I join UHC, I join it because I want a huge battle with no healthregen. When I join survival, I want to do survival because that is what its called after all. There are plenty people playing survival who never join UHC because of that. These are two completely different gamemodes.

    We all have used the limited decor dozens of times before, hence why most people get bored. The whole point of modded was to get something new. The survival server is not a project that has to ship to the public within days/weeks,s o you have all time.
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