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The Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Noxcrew Music' started by Epic Landlord, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. By Isaac Wilkins and Taylor Grover

    Download Link Here!
    1. Noxcrew Gameshow Main Theme
    2. Welcome to the Noxcrew Gameshow
    3. Shoot 'em Down
    4. Mayan Hunt
    5. Pyramid
    6. Bathtime
    7. Gridlock
    8. Bridge 3 Far
    9. Python's Crypt
    10. Blocksketball
    11. Factory
    12. Castle
    13. Outlawed
    14. Pipeline Pursuit
    15. Bomber Team
    16. Sands of Time
    17. Crypt Crawlers
    18. Yeti Set Go!
    19. Linelock
    20. Quickfire
    21. Yuleshave
    22. Noxcrew Gamedown
    23. Domarkaidnation
    24. Johnny Smooth's Smooth Move

    (Community match tracks will be added when aired).

    I would like to say, I have really enjoyed making music for you guys this season and I hope you guys have enjoyed it too :)

    More music coming soon!

    #1 Epic Landlord, Jun 14, 2015
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  2. I've loved all the Gameshow music. Each episode that track would be my new favourite.
    You two have put in so much effort with this, good job :)
  3. You already know I love the music because I've written sheet music to it (I swear its not an addiction), but I just want to say it again, your music is amazing, I listen to it where ever I go, I can't wait to hear what you write next.
  4. each piece of music is so unique from the others, and its all so good. After watching the episodes many many times, theres just these parts in each track where u know someones in trouble or something epic is happening, and it makes it that much more enjoyable to listen to! Ive constantly been listening to this :p
  5. I feel so stupid. You told me Domarkaidnation was uploaded because you made it and didn't get an opportunity to use it... I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT MEANT IT WOULDN'T GET PLAYED!

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