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The Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 Finals are here!

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noxite, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've almost made it.

    Nobody believed that we could do it when we said we were going to create an entire Noxcrew Gameshow season in one go. It's quite amusing reading the comments on the very first episode of the season! :p

    Well, we began working on the Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 back in September 2014.
    Release of the season started on March 21st 2015.
    It is now June 2015 and we're coming very close to finally finishing what we started.


    It's been a long, but incredible ride and I'm overwhelmed with what we've achieved in the Minecraft community. We couldn't have done it without the constant support from the fans, the Patrons and of course, the crew itself.

    It's not long now until the Noxcrew move onto their next phase and a new project, and I hope everybody is excited as I am for what Noxcrew will soon bring!

    For those of you worried, the end of Season 1 is not the end of the Gameshow! There are many little exciting things that we have prepared a long the way, and you'll all be getting tasters of it soon! Because I believe that the Noxcrew Gameshow hasn't met it's full potential just yet... ;)


    But anyway! We've got our two remaining teams still battling it out in the Noxcrew Gameshow factory to decide the world's first Noxcrew Gameshow victor!

    So make sure to enjoy our finals episodes as the first Noxcrew Gameshow season comes to a close!

    You can also expect our Community match-up between Team Allius & Celestial Ice Dragons to follow up soon after!

    So, Noxsquad... I'd like to know;
    How did you feel about the season? What were your favorite moments? Your favorite mini-game? What would you like to see next out of the Noxcrew Gameshow universe? What are you most looking forward to in the Noxcrew's future?

    Tell us everything!

    Thank you for reading ;)
    - Love from Noxite & The Noxcrew
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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noxite, Jun 8, 2015.

    1. Burning
      Man I really wish I was around more at the time of working on all this. ;-;
      I only really showed up at, pretty much, the end of building/filming it all. D:
      But I am still proud of our achievements and to be a part of the group, and proud contestants, patreons and audience that kept us going through all of this and genuinely making it to the end (just about). B)
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    2. lotteje13
      :') first series you guys will finally finish! so proud of you guys! you all have definetly come a long way! this season had definetly alot of improvements and everything was better put together! fav episode is definetly match 2 game 1: 50 shades of awsome vs the tyrants! and fav mini game is probably crypt crawler just cause it looks intresting to do. I also would love to see some type of special themed episode for the noxcrew gameshow or just more story related just to make it intresting :) but the future for you guys is definetly bright!
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    3. Dwittyy
      As someone who gets to experience the amazing games, the work you've all put in and feel the excitement and tension resulting from it, I can safely say you've all done an incredible job. Especially since I began watching the gameshow back when the first trailer was released. Boy, it's come a long way since.

      I will always be excited to watch anything from the Noxcrew, you guys certainly know what you're doing! :D
    4. Noxite
      I'll say that creating this season has definitely taught me a lot about working consistently and project management. I'm so excited to try something new with what I've picked up. Never will I end a series prematurely like I did before :p
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    5. The_NeonGhost
      Living with Noctis and hearing from her how much effort went into this series, I couldn't be happier with this series and that you've finally been able to complete it. Seeing the community grow in these few months has been fantastic as well, and seeing all the Contestants, Patreons and Noxsquad come together to celebrate this episodes is a joy to behold. I'm always going to hold Match 1,Episode 2 close to my heart (Birthday episode and best game of Mayan Hunt I've ever seen) but I think every episode gave me something to cherish.

      Whatever happens in the future, I await, as always, to see what new spawn of madness you'll create.
      (JC3 Confirmed!)
    6. HailTheKing
      I'm so happy to be a part of the greatest community on the internet (In my opinion anyway :p) Cant wait to see what you bring next, iv loved the whole series and i'm sad its going to be over soon but ah well, onto bigger and better things :D
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    7. MissPlaying
      This has been so amazing, and I've loved it all!
      From the crazy episodes, to early bird livestreams and even 'Drunk Gameshow' you've put in so much effort, and I'm glad you've managed to finish a season!

      I think this has brought the community closer, bringing more and more people in each week.
      Good job everyone, and I'm excited for future projects. Both with Gameshow, and other things!
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    8. Mramr149
      Noxcrew Gameshow is the most inspiring thing I've ever seen. I remember watching the Pilot episodes and thinking that it was amazing. When S1 came along i had my doubts because it would be unknown personalities but immediately once I meet the teams I knew that this seasons would blow my mind, and it did that and more. Gameshow really got me into Minecraft and into a community of amazing people. I remember the feeling when Shoot Em' Down began and I knew that Gameshow was about to do the impossible, a fully functional and complete gameshow in Minecraft. I'm so glad that you guys actually have a community that you are a part of and want to listen to, that my voice and ideas are heard, used, and liked. I can't wait to see what The future of gameshow and the Noxcrew is. I am proud to call my self a Noxsquad member because I feel I am apart of something great and amazing, something life changing. Every Wednesday and Saturday I look forward to 1:30 EST for you guys, keep streaming, you guys make me so happy.
      On a much less sappy note :p I really dont have a favorite mini game, They all are so amazing and the music...AWESOME...it really got me into writing my own music. I really hope the Noxsquad and I get to enter the factory doors plenty more times.
    9. evulminiman
      It is amazing to see what you guys have created. So many hours have gone into this and so many people have worked on it. The outcome is amazing and the episodes are great. It is a pleasure to watch. In the beginning it was weird to hear Phil instead of Henry, but I think everyone has fallen in love with Phil now. And you are also doing the early bird streams and extra gaming and playing with patrons and fans. I'm glad to be a part of the community and I love watching the episodes
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    10. Dragonizer
      I'm loving the whole thing! Favourite minigames (so far) were probably pipeline pursuit, bomberteam, crypt crawlers, yeti set go and Linelock :) I just have two questions though, for season 2, will games from season 1 return as the "classic" old games or will you still have the old pilot games, season one games and new season 2 games? And what happens to games left over from the community match that aren't chosen? But yeah I have thoroughly enjoyed the gameshow and have always been a fan from the very start. Exams were hard too because the gameshow was all that I could think about! :p
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    11. Ggrgra
      When I saw all the 'classics' come onto the dome in ep 1, I thought it was going to be the same thing with different people. I was wrong. The games looked a ton better, the matches were fun and intense, and we got everything from game-tick close games to complete knockouts, and its not over yet! I'm glad you're completing the season.

      As you keep doing more and more seasons (If you do), you will only get more and more minigames, as well as more and more experience. Its a great way to involve the community in your work and a great show to watch. Sometimes I even show my family the most intense games for movie night :)
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    12. Noxite
      I think we've proved that there's nothing wrong with replaying games as there will always be different and exciting outcomes :)
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    13. TyYT
      I honestly can't even select one single thing. The effect and feel of the show that you guys have created was set up flawlessly. You guys have dedicated SO much time and effort into this, that near perfect isn't a good enough term to describe it. You are already pretty big on YouTube, but I feel that you deserve a few extra 0's at the end of that subscriber count. Looking forward to Season 2!

      If I had to pick a favorite game, I think I'd pick Yeti-Set-Go (You should also try a pirate-themed game ;3).
    14. CaffeineBoost
      Here's my challenge to you.
      Describe the Noxcrew Gameshow in four words.
    15. Burning
      Subscribe to Burning's channel
    16. maDEMOman
      Best youtube gameshow ever!
    17. Angelic Grace
      Angelic Grace
      Exhibit A - Bathtime
    18. lotteje13
      filthy shamless self advertizing
    19. Dragonizer
      Exhibit B- Castle
      Exhibit C- Bridge 3 Far

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