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The Noxcrew: coming soon to Minecraft Marketplace (MCPE & W10!)

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noxite, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. In-case you haven't caught the news that Microsoft just announced, you should probably read up on it here!

    So the secret’s out at last!

    The Noxcrew are incredibly proud to announce that we will be working alongside Mojang and Microsoft to spearhead a brand new initiative to bring community made maps and mini-games into the Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 edition marketplace! This is an exciting time for us at The Noxcrew, but what does this all mean for you, our community members?
    Well, off the bat, we’ll releasing a load of new maps! We already have a small selection of exciting new maps and minigames lined up for release on this new storefront, with plans for many more to come.

    And yes, I said storefront! For the first time ever, we will be able to actually sell our content alongside other creators in the Pocket and Windows 10 store with integrated currency, making them accessible to a massive amount of people, for relatively low prices. This storefront will be going live in the Spring so keep an eye out for that here in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Windows 10 Edition!


    We’re aware this is a big change from our usual style and it's probably quite surprising. But for 5 years now, The Noxcrew has been trying to bring some of the most innovative and incredible experiences to the Minecraft audience. Some projects we embarked on, such as The Noxcrew Gameshow and Terra Swoop Force each took over 8 months of work by a huge team of dedicated people. While these projects were loved by our fans and some even went viral, we've never really earned very much from them, nowhere near enough to sustain even one full time builder, and Noxcrew has always remained as just a spare-time hobby for us. However, this is finally an opportunity to give back to the people that put so much time into these projects and to allow Noxcrew to make more and better content than ever before.

    I’m sure some of you have concerns that new Noxcrew content will now be placed behind a paywall, but we’re hoping that this will give us the funding to not only make more and better content for the Minecraft Store, but also other avenues we enjoy, like the YouTube channel, Noxcrew Factory, Streams and maybe a few old favorites ;)

    Of course, community based perks, such as access to build servers, community sites, like Discord, and Game Nights remain exactly the same, but perks related to Patreon will be under review in light of this new announcement; and we're going to want to involve you guys with this discussion as much as we can so we can make something work for everyone!

    We’re incredibly sorry that we’ve had to be so quiet these past few months, but we hope you understand how much of a great opportunity this is and how it will pave the way for a stronger, more productive Noxcrew and community, with no more ‘Noxcrew Weeks’!

    Thank you so much for all your continued support :)

    The Noxcrew

    FAQ (Feel free to ask more questions below, and we'll update this list)

    For more about the project as a whole, visit the Minecraft website here: https://minecraft.net/en-us/marketplace/

    What is The Noxcrew doing?!

    The Noxcrew are partnering with Microsoft and Mojang to create content for Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Edition!

    Under this new initiative, we will able to sell The Noxcrew’s special brand of maps and minigames on the Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Store Front to a whole new range of Minecraft players.

    What are our plans for Java content?

    It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that we won't be creating playable maps for Java players for the foreseeable future while we explore this new direction for The Noxcrew. However, eventually, we hope to be able to create Machinima-content like Noxcrew Gameshow, Noxcorp and Fable Hunters and some other unannounced projects that were in development before this opportunity.

    What are our plans for Patreon?

    We are still discussing what to do with our Patreon system and the perks that we may be able to provide under this new system. This will be an ongoing discussion that we'll be involving our community in as much as possible until we find something that works.

    What can we expect from The Noxcrew in the future?

    We’re hoping this opportunity gives us the means to expand and create content on a larger scale, giving you guys more maps and machinimas to enjoy, more often.

    Where is GameShow /Super Sky Runner / Jeoffrey’s Chamber etc ...?

    Many of our beloved projects were put on hold when we were approached with this opportunity. We hope to return to these projects with all the resources that this will provide and make them even better!

    Will GameShow /Super Sky Runner / Jeoffrey’s Chamber etc ... be ported to MCPE/W10?

    We’re discovering what is possible with MCPE/W10 but if it can be done, we’d love to give it a go!

    Is MCPE/W10 the future of map making?

    That’s difficult for us to say. What we do know is that this storefront will make maps and minigames more accessible than they’ve ever been before. We’re just dreaming of a day when we can make something and it can be played anywhere on any device :)

    Will we get the maps through Patreon?

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the project, we will be unable to give out free maps to our patreon supporters. We will be updating the patreon project to provide an improved patreon experience though, so keep an eye out for that in the near future

    How do I get in contact with The Noxcrew?

    The easiest way to contact us, either to ask questions or just say hi, is right here on the forums. We have an inquiry link at the bottom of every page, and the forums themselves are checked daily. For more immediate requests, you can Tweet us at @Noxcrew or chat on our Discord Channel. We have a dedicated moderator team that can handle your inquiries or point you to the right person.

    Which of the announced maps are multiplayer?

    All of them! All our maps, so far, are multiplayer, but can be enjoyed as single player experiences as well.

    Will Noxcrew be opening applications for PE/Win10 projects? Not just building but also creating behaviour packs and models?

    For 5 years, The Noxcrew has created an extensive and talented group of creators, many of whom weren’t involved in the creation of the MCPE/W10 maps we’ve announced. As such, we will not be accepting applications for the time being as we look at who we know and integrate their skills into the project.

    Has The Noxcrew ever thought about making their own game outside of Minecraft.

    We would love to eventually but we’ve not got any plan for the foreseeable future. We’re just exploring every opportunity available to us

    Any plans to make another Elytra based map? Will there ever be a Terra Swoop Force 2?

    I don’t know how we can do a sequel, We kinda blew up the world!? However, we learnt alot building TSF and we still love the elytra system, so expect to see it again in future maps.

    When are the semi-weekly fan Gameshow streams coming back?

    Eventually ™. There is a lot of stuff we don’t know about the future. Hopefully this opportunity will give us time and resources to dedicate to more streams on a more regular basis. This includes Golf Streams and other twitch events.

    Are you planning on streaming your map making process?

    This is difficult, as during the building process, we often hit spoiler territory. As such we’re not planning on streaming map making, but may potentially stream mini game creation later down the line.

    Do these maps require high end phones, or can they be run on low end phones well?

    If your device can run Minecraft, you can run these games!

    Why did you make these maps with a small group rather than using the full power of the crew?

    We were under NDA which restricted what we could say. We needed to be able to keep things controlled, so chose a smaller team to keep ideas and information contained.

    What are the Noxcrew planning on doing if they get a large sum of money from this venture?

    Our dream is to make doing what we love into jobs for our dedicated Noxcrew members and become self sustaining for as long as we can. After that, we want to spend it on the projects we want to finish,events and organising community livestreams etc. It’ll all go into making The Noxcrew awesome.

    Are you changing your brand with the shift to a different market?

    *Dramatic music* No! Our purpose in life is to make the best maps we possibly can, and that’s what we’ll always do!

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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noxite, Apr 10, 2017.

    1. Iefooo
      So what about this monkey ball map that you were creating?
    2. Noctis
      Super Sky Runner? Ask on the Stream :)
    3. commandhat
      Have the Noxcrew explored the possibility of using behavior packs to modify singleplayer experiences?

      They use JSON to add new reactions to entities, so you can, as in your Destructobot example, trigger a behavior group to make the "Spiderbomb" (as I'm calling it) behave like lit TNT or a creeper, along with making a beep noise. This would reduce command block usage, since instead of using command block hacks, you can instead put the command block hacks inside the mob itself and trigger it using a single command block (that sets which behavior group the mob is currently in).

      They're Microsoft's versions of mods and have more things they can't do then they can do, but you can at the very least copy one entity behavior to an other entity, which should at least get some issues out of the way.

      There's a page on learning to do this on Minecraft's Gamepedia, if you haven't yet explored in that direction, and Windows 10 edition has a copy of all Vanilla game entity behavior in the behavior pack folder ( DRIVE:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\behavior_packs\ )

      (NOTE: The premier video of Resource and Behavior packs shows an example of these things working in local multiplayer, but I'm not sure if they can be used on internet servers...)
      Last edited: May 13, 2017
    4. Noxite
      This is exactly what we're doing with the maps that are coming to pocket. Figuring out what we could do with the behavior packs was one of the first features we jumped into learning when we started creating these maps ;)

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