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IMPORTANT TeamSpeak 3 - Installation Guide

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Ever wanted to talk to the Noxcrew one on one? Wanted to chat to your fellow NoxSquad but just didn't know how? Well never fear, with this quick and easy instillation guide, you too can join us in all our weird and wonderful conversations on TeamSpeak 3!

    So Join the fun on voice.noxcrew.com Today!

    What is TeamSpeak 3?

    TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) is a programme that allows members to join servers and talk to each other, much like conference calls but not as boring. It's often used in guilds and gaming communities over other programmes, such as Skype, as it is easy to use, customisable and allows for a variety of ranks and permissions.

    Why should I get it?

    All of our Gamenights are organised over TS3, such as IP addresses for servers, teams for competitions and UHC and general chatting and tactics during the games themselves. We also have a flourishing NoxSquad community on TS3, full of people willing to chat, hang out and play games together, whatever the time. It's also a good place to talk to the Noxcrew, as it is where we get together to build, work and play. Last be certainly not least, TS3 is where you can get the opportunity to play on the Gameshow, or any other big multi-player game, with us on stream.

    Do I need a Microphone?

    Microphones are advised but not essential as TS3 has text chat, just be quick with those fingers, conversations can move fast.


    1, Go to TeamSpeak.com
    2. Choose the Correct Client for your computer (Usually Windows 64-bit) and download it

    3. Start up the Installer
    4. Choose Install Location - This is important if you want to add add-ons later

    6. Run and Follow the Setup Wizard - This will help setting up your headset and microphone​

    7.Open the TS Client - This should happen after completing the set-up, if not re-open the programme
    8.Click 'Connections' and Connect to the Noxcrew IP: voice.noxcrew.com

    9. Enjoy!​

    So Join the fun on voice.noxcrew.com Today!
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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Jun 14, 2015.

    1. TheDarknessLord
      You know all of those questions at the beginning? Well, change it to: Want to do anything related to the Nocrew? Download TS3!

      Not joking, litterly everything but posting on the forums and watching the videos and clicking the like, disliking, and subscribe button requires using TS3. Guess I'll enjoy the freedom of typing on these forums!
    2. evulminiman
      Yes true, the teamspeak is used quite often by many people, but like said on the other thread, you can still join and type instead of talk
    3. TheDarknessLord
      Wait, I managed to get it going ok. I ran in to some people singing "Gamey Gamey Gameshow".
    4. Noctis
      Welcome to the NoxSquad, That's what we do. Also, concerning your previous comment:

      I believe we are the only community who runs a TS where you can talk to members directly at anytime. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we strive to be as open a community, between Noxcrew and NoxSquad, as we can
    5. MissPlaying
      Oh no. You do that.
      I've spoken to a lot of Noxcrew members, and Builders regularly come into the NoxSquad channel too.
      It's really great being able to speak to anyone, and nobody really gets left out. (Like N-Raid)
      Thonax likes this.
    6. ilm9001
      Any forum / way to get unbanned, as i would like to join UHC tomorrow. (if no way to get unban can i play UHC without teamspeak ? or have me unbanned only for duration of UHC)
    7. Paradox
      There is literally no way, on Earth, anyone is going to let you back in. One little thing though, the person that banned you (AKA BurningT) Is actually the host of the UHC! So If I were you I'd run far, far away from us.
      Last edited: May 15, 2016

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