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Quotes? Quotes!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by MissPlaying, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. "Quick, say something quotable!" Paradox
  2. "Tone it down on the masturbation and sexy time, It'll make you blind." -Noctis
  3. "Iv'e never fucked a plane before" - Chelsea
  4. "LOL, Licking out Lesbians" -Bush
  5. "Fuck you, Bush?" Paradox
    "Yeah" Bush
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  6. "This is one of my boyfriends." Paradox
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  7. "She vomited [...] It was funny" - Paradox 2017
    (Thanks to Dwittyy for the quote)
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  8. "Chelsea sounds like that posh British... people." -GamerStu
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  9. "Why are you riding Ranger, Stu?" Chelsea

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  10. "she knows I was drunk, and she was the one who offered to have skype sex with me"
    - Paradox (Luke)
  11. "I'm eating Stu" Chelsea
  12. "At least it's 0% English." MrCraftman

    A bit later:
    "So you're inside me." Dwittyy, to Connor

    A little bit more later:
    "Murder is kid-friendly." Paradox
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  13. "Let me get inside you... fuck yeah" - Paradox (Luke)
  14. New Quote Counter added, and Updated :D
  15. I have a fetish for the London underground- Paradox
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  16. "Jerry? Why does your semen go everywhere?" - Ranger
  17. "Who's that... is he saying Chelsea?" -Simon
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  18. "Have a safe journey" -Jammy to nox as he is flying tomorrow
    "You too" -Noxite

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