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Quotes? Quotes!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by MissPlaying, Jul 31, 2015.


    Yeah. Too many quotes, not enough Twitter...

    Anyway. TeamSpeak shenanigans lead to a lot of interesting quotes, and most of us tweet them. But then it occurred that not everyone sees them on Twitter, so here's a thread. Here we can mock people (I mean what's new?) for some of the random things said.

    Some that I've collected:
    "MissPlaying would you like to come and do some stuff with me?" - Noxite, inviting me to a Patron thing.
    "So how was your time with Noxite?" - Everyone in TS after I came back from said Patron thing
    "MissPlaying knows secrets nobody else does because of her special relationship with Noxite" - Everyone in TS after I was pulled out for Patron stuff.
    "Wait why is Dwittyy upstairs? ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH HIM?!" - Caffeine, after I said I had to whisper #BlameDwittyy as he was upstairs.
    "I would like to take MissPlaying to court for selling her love to people and blackmailing them after legal purchases" - Noxite, last survival stream
    "Are you a hooker?" - Bush, after... I don't even know.
    "I feel weird now, been scrolling through your Twitter for a while now..." - Mexicans, while looking for a photo of me.
    "Let's play a game called which STDs Dwittyy will come back with!" - Caffeine, after Dwittyy said he was off to Magaluf
    "You can't just sex her Caffeine. You can't sex someone that's not a thing" - Noxite, in some stream after Caffeine chanted 'SEX HER'
    "I'm trying to do you" - Noctis, while reading one of Zaepora's Adult Books from the Survival Server to everyone on the TS at the time.
    "Get back down there where you belong" - Noxite, after giving Sara the 'Bitch' rank during a Patron meeting
    "Yeah you had sex again!" - Evul, to Oakley during a game of... something.
    "CRUMPET GET NOXITE ON! DO IT" - Evul, to Crumpet after he came onto TS during Minecon
    "Oh my nipples are so hard." - Bush, being Bush...
    "Will you stop using nipple clamps in my bar?" - Neon, on the Survival Server
    We counted the quotes...

    Quote away!
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  2. Surprised there aren't more from Wednesday's stream
  3. "One man's Topic is another man's Malteaser... except Bounty. Nobody likes Bounty" - Caffeine
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  4. Suprised theres none of me. And a bit sad really XD
    You forgot the famous quote:
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  5. You can't quote yourself!
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  6. "One man's Topic is another man's Malteaser... except Bounty. Nobody likes Bounty" - Caffeine.
    Does it count now? Because I just screw'd the rules dere.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
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  10. this thread is gonna be a mess...
  11. "NOCTIS! BRING ME A SHRUBBERY!" Noxite - NGSS stream.
    "I think thats that special thing you do with Lauren, when she lets you." Noctis to Noxite
    about "SEX HER" -NGSS stream
    "I think a couple of TNT holes will make it look pretty" Noctis - NGSS stream
    "MissPlaying, please state your name!" MrCraftman - NGSS stream
    "My client, GG is bieng accused of Fraud, Drug possesion and assult, and so i bring to you my first question; whats the deal?!?" 77667 - NGSS stream
    "Oh and Rape, throw that one in there aswell, people get done for quick with that one" Noxite -NGSS stream
    "Lawyer, can i get the cocaine back i gave you?" GG142 In the middle of a trial. - NGSS stream
    "Maybe" GG142 After the Judge asked 'Defence how do you plead, to the count of drug posession?' - NGSS stream

    More to follow...
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  12. Wait, why am I upstairs?
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  13. Here's the story:
    Icewuff joined the channel and I whispered "#BlameDwittyy" to which he replied "Why are we whispering?" ... For some reason the first thing that popped into my head was "Because he's upstairs" and then Caffeine said that and the shipping continued.
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  14. "They don't know how real penises look like" GG142, during BGO.
  15. "Noxcrew sometimes like to abuse the female members in concentration camps, where they keep them for years and make sure they die slowly. The evil mastermind Noxite (who also is a terrible flirter) holds up a 4k camera and yells "I am king of the world" in a really awkward way." - Us during Jackbox on today's stream. Also the reason you don't let us play Jackbox.
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  16. This is a shit quote. Why is this in the list? This isn't funny.
  17. "The more retweets we get, the more retweets we get." Gregan - Jackbox stream
    "This is a realy realy example" GG142 - Jackbox stream, requested by Gregan.
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  18. You spelt "really" wrong... Again...
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  19. Its ment to be wrong :p
  20. "MissPlaying dreams of me. And Noxite, but that's irrelevant." - Dwittyy, after I tweeted about my really weird dream.
    "So #Missttyy confirmed?" - Shaun, after reading the above.
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