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NoxSquad Unite!

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Greeting NoxSquad,

    I've noticed of late that you guys want to get together more often, which is awesome, so here a few helpful links so you can chat, play games and rock out together with or without the gaze of The Overlords.

    First, of course, we have the Noxcrew Teamspeak which is always open to you guys to get together with your own dedicated channel 'The NoxSquad Chat Channel' (Thinking of renaming it to 'NoxSquad's Super Secret HQ)

    Use it as you wish, chat, play games, plot world domination, its there for your pleasure. You never know, a Noxcrew member might just come and join you.

    Download TS3 and join your fellow members at: voice.noxcrew.com (Poke a NoxPower+ Overlord to get the NoxSquad rank)

    Recently brought back to my attention is the Plug.dj room, once used for build nights, now open for you guys to sit back and enjoy your favourite tunes together: https://plug.dj/noxcrew

    For the gamers amongst you (Who am I kidding, we all play games) Join us on steam and keep up to date with what the Squad is playing:

    We also have servers for a multitude of games that we've accumulated in our Cross Community and Noxcrew Game Nights. If there are any specific ones you want, let us know and we'll tell you if we have a server for it or make one if we don't.

    Also if there are any other gathering places you can think of that you want us to have, let us know below and we'll get it organised. Of course, you can always find us at the regular social media outlets, but we're always happy to add to our lists.

    So go forth and socialise NoxSquad and raise an army to rival all others!!!

    Your friendly Alpha5 substitute

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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Mar 30, 2015.

    1. evulminiman
      I have to say NoxSquad's Super Secret HQ sounds amazing, also
      lotteje13 likes this.
    2. lotteje13
      hell yeah that sounds awsome indeed OwO and yusshh UNITE
    3. The_NeonGhost
      For the glory of the Overlords! Noxsquad UNITE!
      lotteje13 likes this.
    4. maDEMOman
      i for one like this new idea of socialising.
      never knew it existed, thought it was a myth.
    5. HailTheKing
      I lack the ability to communicate well with other species, however i will try my best.
    6. evulminiman
      Also noctis, maybe add the steam group to this thread as well
      Noctis and lotteje13 like this.
    7. wolf
      to the plugdj
    8. haren07
      Perhaps we could get a discord server as our communication method perhaps?

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