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Noxsquad Gameshow meeting

Discussion in 'Game Nights and Streams Discussion' started by evulminiman, Apr 22, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    Not too long ago we had our first Noxsquad Gameshow, over at the noxcrew twitch channel.
    Which was a pretty big succes

    Now this sunday, the 24 of april, we will be having a meeting on the future of the Noxsquad Gameshow.
    This meeting will involve things like the next possible Gamenight, video production on the last gamenight, building and much more.
    This meeting will be held over at the Noxcrew teamspeak and will start at 7pm GMT.
    If you are interested in the Noxsquad Gameshow you are welcome to come along and talk with us.
    It is yet unsure in which channel we will be holding this meeting.

    For more information and questions you can contact both me and Jamie (12AngryMexicans).
    See you there
  2. Just a reminder that this is today in one hour! Anyone interested in the Noxsquad Gameshow is more then welcome to come along.
  3. Is there a link to the Twitch channel?
  4. The ts is voice.noxcrew.com
  5. Ahh alright I knew about the TS. I realized afterwards it was a Twitch VOD :p


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