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Noxsquad Gamenight -Noxcrew Factory- 21th July 2017 - 8pm BST

Discussion in 'Events Archive' started by Noctis, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    The Noxcrew can be a narcissistic lot every once in a while (Just look at Noxite)

    But this week we're gonna show a little love to our superb server!

    Welcome Back everyone to:

    The Noxcrew Factory!


    Who's Invited?

    Everyone is Invited!

    When is it?
    21th July 2017 8pm BST

    Where do I join?

    The Noxcrew Factory Discord Server

    Noxcrew Factory is a server created by the Noxcrew, full of fantastic 3v3 minigames based on the Youtube series of 'Noxcrew Gameshow' and the combat gamemode, MCStrike!

    Unlock a variety of guns and equipment and use them to level up or prestige!


    1. Load up Minecraft 1.12
    2. Server IP - NOX.GS
    3. Time to play!


    We'll be alternating 3v3 teams to participate in Gameshow games ans swapping sides to shoot each other in MCStrike!

    It's a free for all fight for victory!


    1. Obey the server rules! The Factory has it's own set of rules which must be obeyed. You can find these rules here

    2.Have Fun


    Can I play without Discord?
    Not really. We give out the IP over Discord and actively encourage everyone to get together in a single place to play.

    I don't have a microphone. Can I still play?
    Yes. Most of us will have microphones, but if you don't have one, it's doesn't matter. Just be prepared to type fast if you're being interrogated.


    Noxcrew Factory
    The Noxcrew Factory Discord Server
    Join Channel: Game Night - Noxcrew Factory
    21th July 2017 8pm BST
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  2. this is going to be a fun game night
  3. I can't wait! Might just have to join this one if I don't have a whole lot going on :)

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