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Noxsquad Gamenight - Gunsof Iccarus - 13th January 2017 - 8pm GMT

Discussion in 'Events Archive' started by Noctis, Jan 9, 2017.

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    A new year, a new destiny.

    A new hope that things will get better for all mankind....

    or the crashing realisation of another year the same as the last.

    so lets forget the misery and take to the skies for my favourite Game Night game and play:

    Guns Of Icarus!


    Who's Invited?

    Everyone is Invited!

    When is it?
    13th January 2017 8pm BST

    Where do I join?
    The Noxcrew TeamSpeak server: voice.noxcrew.com

    Confused? Here's a guide on how to install TeamSpeak3 and join the voice comm server, it's easy!: LINK
    Game server IP will be shared on the night with the attendees!


    A team-based multiplayer combat game, Guns of Icarus is set in a steampunk post-apocalyptic world, where lighter-than-air flight is the only means to cross the scarred wilderness that divides scattered pockets of civilization. But peace is never assured, not even in the ruins of civilisation and the skies are filled with danger.

    Working together in teams of 4, as a ragtag crew of Gunners, Engineers and Pilots on board their very own steam-punk airship, players must band together to conquer the skies, or burn together in the dust of a broken world


    1. Download Steam and make an account (Link)
    2. Search in the store and Buy/Install Guns of Icarus
    3. Click Play Now
    4. Wait for the game to install (Could take a while depending on ones internet)
    5. Take to the skies!


    As always, we'll all be splitting into teams, playing either 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 match ups.

    Depending on the numbers, we'll select Captains (I will, of course be one of them) and randomly assign a crew to them (No favouritism please.)

    These crews will then join either the Red or Blue team and fight it out until one team stands victorious with all the bragging rights! (or it descends into chaos and we just blow each other up, that works too)


    1. Be considerate to your team
    I know people can get excited, especially when the hulls on fire, the bombs are falling and 3 guys are on your tail, but there is no excuse for rudeness.

    2. No Team Killing
    If you want to rule the skies you have to have a bit of give and take, Team killing is douche-y. Don't do it

    3. Role Playing is very much encouraged

    Become a part of your crew! Want to be swashbuckling pirates of the sky? Be my guest. Want to be Lord Hemingway and his crew of scallywags, with a spot of tea and a Sunday jaunt? All the better. Give them voices, Set up stories, have rivalries with each other (within reason of course) and make your ship as homely as though you lived in them

    4. Have Fun

    What do the Classes do?

    There are three roles a player can choose while playing Guns of Icarus. A player may change it at any time, provided they are not currently in a match. Pilots are pretty obvious, the pilot is in charge of aerial manoeuvres, with some light repair work involved. Usually the role of the captain as they are also in charge of commanding the ship, but this isn't always the case. Engineer's are he ship's handyman and go to guy. They'll be busy putting out fires, fixing and upgrading the ship and generally dealing with the messes The Gunner and The Pilot put them in. Can shoot but not well. Gunner is Heavy Weapons Guy. Takes control of the shooting and explosions. Not so good at the repair work

    What ships can we play with?
    There are 7 ships in the game to play and customise as you see fit. They are: Galleon: The biggest and the slowest, focusing on high firepower and tank capabilities. Squid: The fastest ship in the game but also one of the weakest. Goldfish: Relies on its moderate speed and high maneuverability. Junker: Versatile with very high damage output but slow turning speed Spire: High turning speed but a very low linear speed. Mobula: Great vertical movement, but is hard to repair in the heat of the battle.

    Why am I being asked to give my email?
    The game may ask you to register with them upon loading the game, asking for your email to send a verification code. You are able to skip it, but making an account is probably worth it in the long run

    Can I play without TS?
    Not really. We give out the IP over TeamSpeak, and actively encourage everyone to get together in a single place to play. You can learn how to install TS3 here

    I don't have a microphone. Can I still play?
    Yes. Most of us will have microphones, but if you don't have one, it's doesn't matter. Just be prepared to type fast if you're being interrogated.


    Guns of Icarus
    Noxcrew TeamSpeak
    Join Channel: Guns of Icarus Game Night
    13th January 2017, 8:00PM BST

    See you there!
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