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Noxsquad Game Night - Don't Starve Together - 17th March 2017 8pm

Discussion in 'Events Archive' started by The_NeonGhost, Mar 13, 2017.

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    I think it's time for a little Team Building exercise is in order for this week's Game Night.
    A little stroll through the wilderness, fishing, cooking over a campfire...
    Huddling in the light as the darkness creeps ever closer, seeking our eternal doom...

    Better keep that campfire burning bright, this week we're playing...


    Who's invited?
    EVERYONE is invited!

    When is it?
    17th March 2017 8PM GMT

    Where do I join?
    On our brand new Discord Server


    Don't Starve Together is the standalone Multiplayer extension to the classic Wilderness Survival game, Don't Starve. Players must work together in a strange and hostile world to gather resources, craft tools and weapons, but most importantly, find the food to keep on living. It's brutal and unforgiving, but with good communication and a little light, you might just survive the night.

    Don't Starve Together also brings a new death mechanic to the table. If you die, your game doesn't end. You come back as a Ghost to haunt your fellow players until they find a way to bring you back. Or you can mess with them and drive them to their deaths, take your pick.


    1. Download Steam and Make an Account
    2. Go to the Store and Buy/Install Don't Starve Together
    3. Install Don't Starve Together
    4. Click Play Now
    5. Register to the Don't Starve Forums (Don't worry, we'll forgive you this time :) )
    6. Success!


    As the servers for Don't Starve together are surprisingly small (Maximum of 6 people), we'll make a little contest of the night if there's more than 6 of us.
    Everyone attending will be split into groups, depending on the size of the night. Each group gets a server (Neon should be around to do the second one, if not I may ask one of you guys to assist), last server standing wins. I'll obviously make it balanced with a mix of Old and New Players but then it's up to you. Strive out on your own or work together.
    Go forth and survive for the greatest prize of all! BRAGGING RIGHTS!


    1. Be considerate to your fellow players!

    This game is HARD, you will die eventually. Don't be hard on the people who do, just try and get them back!

    2. Ask before you move/break things if you're alive.
    Think Minecraft rules! That is someone's build, don't disrespect their work by breaking it.

    3. Ghosts are free to Troll, but remember the contest!
    The joy of being a Ghost is messing with living players, but remember that you're an a contest with other servers! If you want to win, try and be helpful. Find the location of touch stones or ingredients for revival items.

    4. Pre-settings will not be tampered with when making servers!
    The server(s) can be made easier or harder by allowing more of a specific item or creature to be generated (i.e More berry bushes, no Monsters e.t.c) Unless you ask for it to be available to all servers, the presets stay default. It's more fun that way :)

    5. Have fun!


    Do I need the original Don't Starve to play?
    No. Don't Starve Together is a standalone version of Don't Starve but with the inclusion of Multiplayer. You do not need the original game to play. (Though I personally love the game and would advise anyone to pick it up)

    I don't know what I'm doing! T.T
    It's okay, no one really does in Don't Starve, that's half the fun! If you want a helping hand before the night, hop onto the wiki for information or play an offline game prior to the night to familiarize yourself with the control

    Do I need a Microphone?
    No. Just be prepared to type very quickly if you're struggling to survive


    17TH MARCH 2017 8PM GMT
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