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Noxsquad 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stu133, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Hey Everyone GamerStu here,

    So when i saw noctis do her year round up i thought i might do one but mainly focused on my thoughts and how i feel the noxsquad have progressed this year so let's GO!

    So this year has been pretty interesting year for us as we decided to run a gameshow! Which is inspired by the now inferior Noxcrew Gameshow, with the first episode happening after easter via twitch, we showed the noxcrew how amazing our ideas were and we created an amazing experience for our teams. After that the project showed more interest to people and before we knew it the team grew into over 20 people! So with this influx of new builders(including myself) we started to work on episode 2 of our livestream series. This went live again via nox on twitch and we again blew their minds with our games and factory ending in what was yet another amazing gameshow. We then again looked into doing one more gameshow for 2016 in which we decided it would be a noxcrew vs fans and that we would use a multicam setup for the stream meaning we could have commentary and view the game from an audience point of view and not just a players. I can not deny this was our riskiest gameshow of the year due to all types of mistakes could be made which they were. However the turnout from the viewers was amazing and though the blue team were winning every game yellow team did not disappoint and finally were able to defeat those blues in our final game.

    Now i know i just focused big time on gameshow but we can not forget the great work from the patreons with the amazing Noxite Narrative on the survival server which ended this year so big congrats to Jammy4312, Sportycuff and Evul on creating such an amazing story which involved a lot of work via all patreons and created a story which no other community out there can match.

    So we’ve been working a lot this year and even though it's not over yet we’ve had so much fun getting to work on these big projects through 2016 and as for 2017 well we will just have to wait and see (seriously i have no idea what is going on).

    I think it’s time to thank people so lets start.

    Big Thanks to the Noxcrew for taking part in our crazy shows and for creating amazing creations which keep us here.

    Thanks to Noctis and the rest of the community mods for giving us gamenights, UHC and the continued surport for our projects.

    Now for a massive hug to Mewulf for giving us the server which started all of this and we could never repay you for it.

    I would like to thank all the redstoners and builders of the noxsquad which without them none of what we did this year could have been possible.

    Now for a thank you to Shane, Ranger, Dwittyy and the rest of the original builders for starting the NSGS project and a big thanks to Jerry(MrAmr149) for reviving it and producing all of the music for our games.

    Now for my personal thanks to people who kept me going this year.

    Noctis and Noxite the two most different people i could put together but both always were serious when it came to the issues i had.
    Jammy4312 for those nights in the twitch chat watching for GIFS and not letting a shy person on teamspeak miss out on helping.
    MrAmr149 for believing in me and giving me the chance to show what i can do for the project.
    Bush for just being the dude to turn to if you just wanted a mess around night on hypixel
    Connor and Chelsea for just being there when others were not for me.
    And for everyone else on the teamspeak or on the forums you know if you helped me or not thanks.

    I can’t wait for 2017 and to see where it takes us!

    Wish you a happy christmas and a new year,
  2. This is really, amazing but...

    Cough Rob0_ Cough
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  3. I can't wait to reveal what 2017 will hold for us! I hope it will bring more to this community than anything ever did before.

    Thank you so much to the Noxsquad for making 2016 really great, you've all stuck with us through the many silent times we've given and remained as happy as can be. Can't wait to make things even better!

    Much love <3
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  4. Also you little nutters managed to post 489 quotes and you still have a week left.
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