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NoxPod Feedback

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by gregan25, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    NOTE: The live stream will be uploaded on Tuesday 23rd, so if you didn't see it, you can then, and your feedback is still welcome!

    So as some of you saw on the Sunday Stream, we did a podcast. The intention with the podcast is to have a casual chat and just share some of the fun types of conversations the noxcrew have and relate them to current interests.

    The setup was fairly rushed, but there's still things we might not have thought of to improve it. I wont tell you what we plan to do, as I want you guys to tell us what you want.
    If you want it to be live streamed before youtube every time, then say so.
    If you want a more structured podcast then say so.
    If you want blah dee blah dee blah... I think you get the idea.

    Also, feedback on how often you would realistically like it (remember its gonna be over 1 hour long, so, too regularly will get hard to watch for most people as they wont have the time!)

    We intend to have 4-5 people most shows, but who they are depends on what you want. We can mix it up so its 2-3 different people each time (Kinda need a regular host/ Noxcrew member), or we can keep it structured and have a set few people every show. its up to you. We will mix it up, but how many different people, is up to change.

    Who do you want on it? Gameshow contestants, Noxcrew members and friends, Youtube friends are all intended to make an appearance at some point. but if there was someone you really wanted, then who would it be. We can aim as high as you want, there's no harm in it!

    Thanks for your feedback,

    Gregan :)
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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by gregan25, Jun 22, 2015.

    1. MissPlaying
      • I like the idea of this being streamed before YouTube, as it allows for live Q&As which in my opinion are much better than having pre-selected questions
      • The structure was good. It was nice that you spoke about recent things (such as E3) and didn't speak only about Noxcrew things. I think it's a good idea to have pre-set topics, but not too specific.
      • Also liked the face cams (apart from when you guys went off centre, messing with everyone's OCD!). I think in future they should have a slight border though.
      • In terms of guests, it could be a good idea to alternate guests and then talk about things relating to them? I think it would be nice to get 8 episodes with all the contestants (although that would probably be hard to organise), and then some with Noxcrew members and friends, mixing it up a bit. I wouldn't want all the well known Noxcrew people in one podcast and then a bunch of not-so-well-known members in another, but rather a mix of both. I liked having 4 people, but 5 could also work. I think that more than 5 people (including the host) may get a bit hectic, but it depends on the topics.
      • When to do it? I'd like bi-weekly (so at least twice a month). I think if you're taking regular stream slots, then Wednesdays would be a good shot, as I know a lot of people prefer the bigger streams on Saturdays due to timezones. Also, I found 8:30pm a bit late, so 7:30-8pm might be better.
      Also, sorry...
    2. Burning

      No but seriously, MissPlaying has pretty much covered a couple of the things I wanted to say so just a 1-up on all her points really. >.>
    3. lotteje13
      i agree with playing on alot of things with this also.
      somethings could be worked on like the 30 min waiting screen without music what was a bit much sould have atleast been 15 mins and with some nice music in the background instead of pure silence, people like to listen to things while wait.
      the layout could get some work also with that i mean the facecams that could use a small borderline to make them look neater.
      next time there could also be more of a structure to what you guys were gonna talk about since there seemed to be some confusement on you guys side there.
      as for how often these sould be done... every 2 weeks or so could be nice not too often atleast.
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    4. maDEMOman
      podcast was funny as hell. all the best things come unstructured.
      i think it should stay livestream before youtube 1st.
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    5. HailTheKing
      Amazing, loved it, i need one every day now. Should be streamed before youtube.Keep the same people as before if possible, and maybe other Noxcrew members or friends as a special guest. Burning for next guest. Burning for president. I love the fact it can get off topic but then easily get back to the topic :)
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    6. gregan25
      We are intending to do biweekly, so thats good that you (and some others) have said that.
      Going off centre was partly to do with us not all having easy camera mount positions, or in vax's case, his was in his laptop! (he order a new one just before the stream for the future if hes on again!)
      We intend to do it on a Sunday more often than not, as it feels like a good enough recording day that those waiting for youtube release arent frustrated with the long wait.
      The reason for 8.30 was because some people needed to setup and werent back until 7pm, so to be safe, we did it later. the future should allow us to start at 7.30pm which is what we intend to do!
      I hope to bring the contestants on, as to whether we do all of the contestants from each team and in a series of 8 (I guess we can just work through them slowly) depends on there availability and what the topics are I guess.

      We planned to have music going on, we planned to have borders and the structure of it wasnt a problem, the reason it came across like that is because we got sidetracked easily, but as MaDemo said, that was the fun of it. But obviously, the future will hold better organised stuff as we intend to not think up the ideas at 3pm of the day we are streaming.
      So thanks for pointing those things out, but we are on the same page and intended to improve those so glad you want them as much as we do!

      As for the other comments, thanks for the positivity/ thanks for reitterating the things Lotte and Playing said, they just covered most things so I thought I would reply to them as to our outlook on their points!

      Thanks, feedback is still welcome!
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    7. MissPlaying
      I do know that on some Sundays there are gamenights (organised by Burning) but with it being a podcast it might not be too much of a problem.
    8. gregan25
      well, if people do the gamenight then they can watch it later on when its uploaded.
    9. lotteje13
      dedication goes first gregan... you sould know this by now that livestreams go first and then gamenights are a thing
    10. gregan25
      ye true, gamenights can happen after. We can do them earlier if that is the case. we shall see.
    11. Burning
      Although the stream was a slight factor of there being no game night on Sunday, it wasn't really the main issue. The reason there was no game night was because I wasn't too sure if I was able to host it due to not knowing what time I was going out for Father's Day; I went out at 7:30pm. >.>
    12. Dwittyy
      One thing I would suggest is to scrap the high level of detail you had in that doc, I assume. We could tell when you had planned what you wanted to say and when it was straight from your heart, so to speak.

      I loved listening about the Crystal Maze and E3 just because it's something that you guys along with your viewers understand and feel the same way in most cases. This felt more natural and was much more entertaining to listen to.

      Instead of planning out with 'Nox talk about this movie' and so forth, just have a list of things you COULD talk about and leave the discussion down to recent events or questions, these spark the more natural answers. The doc can be used if there are no good questions or there's nothing to talk about.

      I really enjoyed it though so I'm looking forward to more!
    13. jrrutten
      First of all @Noctis I be messaging you soon. Second, I loved the show. I would like to be on there in the future but for now I can watch an enjoy.

      Do what you need to do but I am ok with how the show is now.

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