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Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 - Digi's Songs

Discussion in 'Noxcrew Music' started by Digison, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. By Taylor Grover

    Released: 04 June 2015


    1. Welcome To The Games
    2. Factory (Reborn)
    3. Mayan Hunt
    4. Castle (Reborn)
    5. Blocksketbeach
    6. Gridlock
    7. Crypt Crawler
    8. Yuleshave
    9. Linelock

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    #1 Digison, Jun 4, 2015
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  2. I have had Linelock stuck in my head for some time and I've been wondering what the song was. Utterly fantastic.
  3. Digi you twazz. You just gave away the remaining games coming out in the finals before they've even been aired! :p

    Moved it to the 'To Be Released' section to hide it until you fix this up
  4. Thank you for introducing me to this word. My life is 10 times more enjoyable now.
  5. My bad!
  6. Any way to release this from TBR? :O
  7. Pretty sure I was the only one it got spoiled to. It's only the games which is absolutely fine, didn't spoil who won.
  8. Yeah you probably were looking at it now. Explains why I never saw the thread and got confused by the date
  9. From the thread, I knew that Linelock and Yule Shave would be played (but I also thought Blocksket Beach would be played too).
    Mind you, it's not entirely impossible for Blocksket Beach to be played... *flies away*
  10. Blocksketbeach was already played, last season I think.
  11. Yes, Episode 6 Game 2, but it could return...
  12. Erm...why is the Mayan Hunt reborn music gridlock...
  13. Likely story: Digison originally composed it for Mayan Hunt, but it was deemed inappropriate for that game. Landlord made a more appropriate theme and Digison's was used for Gridlock because it was too good to just dump.
  14. Ah, my bad. Error on my part in the naming. It was like 2AM when I uploaded everything...
  15. I also forgot to upload Mayan Hunt.

    My whole music folder is super unorganized, everything's named something different than what it is. I need to take like four days going through and renaming everything...
  16. HAHAHA you and me both
  17. Alright, fixed Gridlock and got Mayan Hunt uploaded >.>
  18. Digison, I asked landlord about the program he uses for writing music, what do u like and would suggest for still somewhat of an amateur composer?
  19. Hmm. I use Logic 10 (occasionally 9), mostly because I have a mac. It's pretty straightforward, has a nice UI. It works with Kontact as well, which is sort of the middle-man for a lot of plugins. The issue's I've had has been plug-in/VST compatibility, as 10 uses a higher architecture or something, which makes some of the plugins incompatible. I have like two separate sets because of it ;-;

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