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Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 - A closing.

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noxite, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. So, that’s it.

    After 9 months of production, The Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 finally comes to a close.

    Watch the entire season here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk1Dk1_26sZ9lYvIxaVf1qW1_PwDqPmS2

    It’s took us a long time, but we achieved something that many people didn’t think was possible.

    Back in the Pilot Season, we slowly discovered that what we had started, was bigger than we had ever imagined and a lot bigger than The Noxcrew itself.

    After 6 pilot episodes, made over the span of 2 years, featuring 27 different mini-games, 10 teams made from 29 contestants, we had only completed 40% of the season (6 out of 15 proposed matches).

    Back then, this seemed to have been a common theme with Noxcrew projects;
    Think of something cool → get ambitious → announce it as a project → completely ignore the vision of completion and how to get there.

    Well, when we began concepting an entirely brand new season, this was one of the biggest things I wanted to tackle. Season 1 was a challenge for us to try take on something incredibly ambitious, plan our production from beginning to end, and complete it with flying colours.

    Now that we’ve finally done it, it’s taught us many things that I’m incredibly excited to carry on over to new projects and keep on entertaining you all with all the creativity that we can muster :)

    Now, 9 months seems an incredibly long time for a video series that released 30 videos in the space of 2 months and 3 weeks, right? But, we’ve actually grown a huge foundation in the background, some of you may not realise, but it may eventually occur to you. We’ve opened up hundreds of possibilities with The Noxcrew Gameshow, and it’s definitely not going to end after this, as there’s so many more things for us to explore! Oh, by the way… Season 1 is only like… 50% of The Noxcrew Gameshow that we’ve grown over these last 9 months… You’ll see ;)

    Anyway, when we began exploring what we wanted to change about the pilot season, one of our main issues were that, even though we had 100-500k views per video, I never really felt we had a community that we were actually connected to. It all just felt like hollow views.

    Back then, the episodes felt like they were watched by people who simply came to watch their favorite Youtuber, and they didn’t realise that there was actually a team behind it, so there wasn’t really much care for us and that de-motivated me in many ways.

    So, I said “Let’s do it with contestants from the community, make the show more about us, and our viewers”. Of course, this came with many doubts from many, many friendly sources;
    • “What if your contestants don’t show up or have crappy microphones? You can’t rely on random people from the internet!”
      Of course, this was going to provide some challenges, but I believed that when done right, a lot can be possible. The people that poisoned me with this doubt were proved absolutely wrong, and I seriously couldn’t be more thankful for the reliability and communication from all 24 contestants this season. Of course, part of finding these great teams were all thanks to a well thought out application process, and to be honest, with such large requirements, I was honestly surprised to receive just over 80 different team applications!
    • “You’re not going to get as many views as you used to”
      The doubters told the truth, but I think even the slug in my back garden could have told me this. However, there are two differing motives, and we were chasing a community, not views, and we won in that respect ;) (Much love guys!)

    • “Nobody will care about your teams because nobody knows them”
      Proved wrong, once again. You don’t know any character at all when you first open a book, and you don’t begin caring about them until you spend a little time with them. I think the contestant introductions helped a lot, and I want to do even more with that concept in future to really help characterize the contestants. The Gameshow is a story, like any other film, book or TV series is.
    “Story is everything”
    - Said some random guy on a filmmakers forum I posted one of my creations on
    when I was 15 and I had no idea how to incorporate 'story' into a trailer.

    Now that we’ve come to the end of a consistent 3 month release schedule of Gameshow content, there’s a big question on everyone’s minds.

    “What now?”
    Well, I’ll tell you for certain; we’re not jumping straight into Season 2 yet. We’re currently just really inspired with a load of new-found energy and work-ethics, and we want to try delve into some new, unique projects. Firstly, of course; the long awaited Jeoffrey’s Chamber Part 3, which I cannot waiiiitttttt to release to you guys. We’ve got some awesome stuff in mind :D

    We’ve got a few other things prepared too, which we will be soon releasing to you all! Including Tales of Strangeland and Noxcrew Gameshow: Live! But, of biggest importance, our communication with you all will remain consistent, especially on the forums. I promise a lot of teasers and more vlogs too ;)

    I’d also like to seriously thank the Patrons that have been signing up over these past few months. It’s become a big realisation to me that our Patrons are essentially our success in being a long-lasting and hard-working community and it’s incredibly motivational. This means that I will constantly be looking into improving the experience in the community for the Patrons as much as I can, to make sure they feel they’re getting their worth from the support their giving (If they aren’t feeling it already!).

    So, if anyone is contemplating on becoming a Noxcrew Patron, it’s seriously worth it. Not only is it incredibly beneficial for The Noxcrew itself (Even $1!), but our current higher tier Patrons are overly happy with what they’re getting out of it too. I share a lot of future plans and secrets with them <3

    Now, back to our communication, we’ll definitely carry on doing our livestreams, mixing up the hosts a lot (Yeah, it won’t be just me) and the new community team will be consistently hosting their gaming events!

    Let’s keep the discussions going, let’s keep making things fun and onto a better future!

    Thanks so much for choosing to be a part of this community that we’ve grown here and I cannot wait to excite you all with all sorts of new and weird projects, with the help of the beloved Noxcrew that I cannot possibly be more thankful for.

    To put the dedication of The Noxcrew in perspective, this is how many internal people showed up to support on the recording session of the Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1 finals:

    Noxcrew is now a big part of my life, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey ;)

    There's a lot more I want to say about the production experience of the Noxcrew Gameshow Season 1, but I'll save it for other places. I'm considering creating a large behind the scenes thread to show absolutely every single stage of production that we went through, but I have to decide on wether I want to share that first :p

    So, as a bonus for reading this thread, I’ve decided to release the original sign-up application videos that were submitted back in August from the 8 teams that were chosen for this season. Enjoy them in this thread here.

    - Love from Noxite and The Noxcrew xoxoxo
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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noxite, Jun 15, 2015.

    1. Mramr149
      I wanted to throw out a suggestion to you Nox for some future stream content. I enjoyed the stream where we watched the OG episode of Noxcrew gameshow. It would be cool to see the rest of the pilot season (maybe even stuff from season 1 too) with your feedback, bloopers, and other stuff.

      also I think it would be cool to have a top 10 and not top 10 moments of gameshow.
      Ggrgra likes this.
    2. maDEMOman
      9/10 would do exactly what you did.
      1/10 would just go only for views.
      i think the community is great!
    3. evulminiman
      Thank you for focusing on the community, I do believe the gameshow would not have been such a success if you didn't. It might then have been another project unfinished and I'm glad it isn't
      lotteje13 likes this.
    4. MissPlaying
      You are so freaking welcome!

      Enjoy my money! You put it to good use, which is why I support you.
      Noxcrew has changed my life for the better. I suddenly realised today that I'm so much happier now than I've ever been.. so thank you.
      You guys are literally amazing, I'm so excited for the future, and I do hope that the Noxcrew live long and strong :)

      I honestly cannot say thank you enough, it just doesn't cut it.
    5. GooTheSplat
      FUN FACT: I'd like to point out that 9 months is also the average length of a pregnancy.
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    6. Angelic Grace
      Angelic Grace
      29. Antvenom played on two teams.
    7. Noxite
      Awwwhhh, Gracccceee, whyyyyy
      HailTheKing, Thonax and Angelic Grace like this.
    8. Angelic Grace
      Angelic Grace
      Because I love you and I want you to be perfect <3
    9. KinokaUchiha
      im new to this and i loved the gameshow! it was great! and i was wondering how to apply for the gameshow once you are ready for season 2? i want to make a team so that i could possibly play on the show.
    10. evulminiman
      Whenever applying for the gameshow is back up, there should we a link somewhere on here. Last time it was announced on both Youtube and the forums, so just keep an eye out
    11. maDEMOman
      im hoping this time its on forums only XD
    12. MissPlaying
      I dunno. I liked how I didn't know the contestants this season and how I got to know them over time.
      It's a different experience watching someone you know play, which is why the streams are unique (other than the whole live bit)
    13. KinokaUchiha
      thank you i will keep an eye out

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