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  1. This thread's purpose is to answer all the questions the community have about the Noxcrew Gameshow.
    If there's anything you feel I've missed, please go ahead and ask in this thread, then I will do my best to add it to the list of answered questions!

    You can watch all episodes here.

    If you want to watch a video series to show you the work that goes into the Gameshow, click here.


    1. What happened to the Tournament Ladder that was seen in Episode's One, Two, Three & Four?

    The Noxcrew Gameshow is a huge undertaking of a project to produce. I've never made a TV-Like Youtube Gameshow and I don't think many people have.
    From day 1 it has always been an experiment to see how well we can produce an episode and how long it takes us.

    Before we can ever make The Noxcrew Gameshow a consistent series, we need to solidify the way we record it, edit it and release it. When we began recording the Noxcrew Gameshow, it was quite simple and we had this pre-determined path of which teams to include. After EP4 we came to a blank, we couldn't find any new teams quickly due to the Youtuber's that we wanted to include being all busy with their own stuff, which is understandable, as it's pretty selfish of us anyway to have to depend on other Youtuber's rather than ourselves.
    This is the point that the Tournament ladder became a problem for us, that we had to stick to it and wait until the teams we determined were able to record with us. So, as a sacrifice to allow us a bit more freedom with who we bring to the Gameshow, we scrapped the tournament ladder. We wanted to just bring teams that can play for the fun of it, and not for some ultimate competitive tournament system.

    After all, we just want to show you the what we can make, the commentary and some damn exciting clutch gameplay, ey? :)
    2. What happened to the Decision Dome that was seen in Episode's One, Two, Three & Four?

    Ah, the Decision Dome... Still one of our best ideas to date, and still something I sorely miss. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Decision Dome, I loved the chickens all 'bok'ing innocently before the Butcher came down and slaughtered them all, and it also gave us some nice calm downtime between each of the incredibly stressful games (For the teams, that is).

    When we record the Gameshow, it's all done in one recording session that can last anywhere between 3-4 hours. Yes, that's 3-4 hours of recording in one single night! Now, imagine how exhausted everyone gets, especially the contestants who are constantly commentating and getting put through all these intense games!

    Truth is, nobody has the time or energy to sit and record for that long; we get hungry, we get tired, our bodies need to stand up and move and we've got people to see, stuff to do.
    This is the ultimate and hidden balance problem of the Gameshow: How do we make it great on screen, while also making it fun and comfortable for our contestants on the recording night.

    So, after getting feedback from our contestants and our viewers, we looked at two most commented feedback elements;
    "The Decision Dome is great, but after getting put through it 3 or more times, it begins to get old"
    & "The Decision Dome is great, but it takes too long, I just want to see the games".
    We began to think how we can fix this, and the short answer was; Remove it.

    What removing it did was shorten the recording nights A LOT. It also meant we could actually prepare a pre-determined path of games for maximum enjoyment in the episode; so we could always make sure that the most tense game is always played last. It also eased it up for the builders; instead of having to prepare 8 perfectly working games for the episode, they only needed to prepare 5 (A lot of hard work goes into making each and every game playable and fun). It also meant less editing; I got a bit ambitious in Episode 4 to fix one of our feedback issues "The Decision Dome is a little confusing as you can't see what's going on" by designing a whole graphic interface to show the randomization of the selector, which actually added a lot of work in editing.

    In honesty, I'm happy we removed it, as it makes so many things easier for us, but I DO regret removing the concept of the chickens and the butcher deciding the games. I eventually want to make this concept return in a more casual and properly done way, so don't worry too much :p
    3. Why does the format of the Noxcrew Gameshow change so much?

    From day 1 The Noxcrew Gameshow was made as more of an experiment to see what we can do as a crew of creative people. Nobody has ever tried to make something like this before, so we don't really have anything to take as a guide for us. It's our own job to learn how to make a show like this through experimenting and trying new things with our audiences. Through every episode we make, we learn a TON and also get a TON of feedback. If we didn't change anything, we wouldn't really be learning anything. I like to learn and evolve our content, so that's what I'm doing with the Gameshow. That's really how I'm treating Season One... Eventually we'll make a decision on how we want to do it and we'll begin on Season 2; making that a consistent and well produced series.

    It's not easy, trust me! If you read FAQ questions 1&2, you'll already begin to understand why some things call for so much change. We would never be able to make the Noxcrew Gameshow as a consistent series if we kept on doing what we did with the earlier episodes! You also have to consider that this is not our jobs; it's simply our hobbies, and the people that work on the Gameshow don't always get a lot of time, meaning we have to think of a way to ease out the production process of the Gameshow episodes so that the process doesn't keep hanging everywhere due to depending on certain people to do their work on it.​
    4. Why do the Gameshow episodes take so long to release?

    Quite an easy one to answer; We don't do it full time and we don't all work together in an office. We're producing something really quite big and heavy over the internet; an extremely unreliable place when it comes to getting people to do things for free. The internet is a place where you can simple go 'AFK' if you don't feel like doing something in that current moment OR you're far too busy with your real life stuff so you can pay the bills.

    The Gameshow requires (In somewhat of an order):
    A capable and organised build team -> 5 Brand new concepts of games to be made -> artwork and branding to be made for those games -> an awesome and individual music track made for each and every one of those games -> tons of playtesting for those games -> rule videos that require scripting, voice acting, recording and editing -> an overall episode format to be decided on -> the task of finding 6 Youtuber's who can all play and record on the same date and time -> team names to be decided on -> characteristic and shiny team logos to be made -> organisation of the recording night; a reliable server setup, appropriate plugins installed, a boat load of working redstone to make the recording path go smoothly (harder than you think) -> a working modpack which has to be distributed between all the people that will be on the server that night -> resource pack modifications to accompany the builds -> 4 cameramen with capable computers to be decided on; plans & system for recording, rendering and data transfer of the footage from the cameramen -> plans of camera pathing and team camera allocation for each game and all the stuff in-between so the camera men always know what they're doing. (Countless documents written for this) -> audio recorders for each team (Including plans of how the data will be transferred to the editor) -> a script written for how the events of the recording night will pan out and what order we do things in -> deciding who will be the helper bots and how they will interact with the teams (Scripts written for things the helper bots can say during recording night to make it more fun for the players and make them feel more characteristic) -> who's the butcher and what does he do? -> the redstone system and an organiser who works behind the scenes to make sure events happen at the right time and we teleport to the right games -> a number of test runs of the recording night to make sure everything will go right on the actual night (An event that lasts a couple of hours with around 15 Noxcrew members as we stagger through our recording steps and fix redstone bugs as we encounter them, we do this several times to try and improve on our last test - this is to make sure nothing goes wrong while we're on camera on the night, because we only get one chance) -> the agreed recording night commences and lasts for around 3 hours with around 20 people behind the scenes on the server all working for that length -> the audio recorders upload their team audio to the Noxcrew Dropbox for the editor (Gigs of data!) -> the cameramen begin rendering their 3 hour long footage with the pre-decided settings all written in countless documents (To make sure there is always consistency between camera switching - LOTS of gigs of data!) -> the first edit phase begins where the cameras are cut together ready for graphic interfaces -> the graphic interfaces are designed and created for each individual game -> they're edited in -> the first phase of editing is rendered out as just footage with no team audio, just music and then sent to the commentators over Dropbox (Gigs of data!) -> countless scripts are written for the commentators for the intros and outros of each episode or part -> the commentators meet up and spend around 2 days voice recording the scripts and then record improvisational commentary on the games -> the audio is sent back to the editor -> the audio is mastered and edited into the rule videos and the episode -> the rule videos are recorded and edited, then sent to the main editor -> main editor puts everything into the timeline, connects the dots, transitions, etc. -> an audio editing phase begins where the editor chops up all the team audio and commentary and chooses who says what at every single second -> the episode is then finalized with finishing touches -> thumbnails are made -> descriptions are written -> the episode can then release along with the contestant's first person footage which was all decided for a particular date.

    And this is all done for free. Nobody pays us, we don't get all that much views to make any ad revenue out of it. Not only that, but I was studying full time as a film production student while we made Episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five & Six. As of Six, I am no longer a student as I graduated at the same time as releasing it. So, I had to delay a lot of these jobs due to focusing on my degree. Thankfully I now have tons more spare time, so let's see where that gets us! We've also got to think of an easier way of producing these episodes, because this is far too much :p
    5. Why not batch-produce them and then release them one after the other?

    Good question! Haha! So, the way a normal/proper series would work, is that the content creators would first produce, record and edit up all the episodes WAYYYY before they start releasing them; so that they can keep the series consistently being released and they would always be ahead of themselves.

    So why don't we do it with the Noxcrew Gameshow?
    Well, with the original plan (Looking at the tournament ladder here), there was going to be a total of 15 episodes for Season 1. This is ludicrous! If we were to pre-record and edit everything the way we were set up back then before releasing, it would take us possibly 2 years in total to finish them all and finally start releasing them. Sure, after 2 years of working on it, it would possibly become a huge show, especially with that kind of consistency, but the reality here is that we simply do not have that kind of manpower yet. We're all people with full time priorities in the real world.

    Also, we were never confident with the format of the Gameshow. If we never released, we wouldn't have ever opened ourselves up to community feedback, which actually taught us A LOT about creating this series.

    Another point that we possibly don't think about is; the contestants! The Gameshow is made so that the contestants who play can also record their perspectives; a 3 hour recording can task their harddrive up to 300gb+! I don't think my relationship with contestants would ever be good enough to convince them to keep 300gb+ worth of footage just laying around for 2 years. Realistically, contestants just want to record and upload this footage as soon as possible so that it's still fresh.

    We're glad we're doing it this way, because we want to involve the audience as a part of the production process. Plus, we don't exactly like to work in total silence for too long! :p
    6. Why did you split Episode 6 into 6 parts?

    From the beginning I always wanted to make the Noxcrew Gameshow feel TV-Esque, and that's why we uploaded them as one big episode. But after getting a lot of feedback from viewers AND the Youtuber's that played in our episodes, a lot of people suggested that The Noxcrew Gameshow would be 'better for a Youtube audience' if it was split into smaller parts. Point being that; when we watch videos on the internet, we have a very short attention span, and having to watch an hour long episode on Youtube was just tedious. Also the fact that watching something as flashy, loud and colorful as the Gameshow can be quite fatiguing, so it might be wiser for us to split it all up.

    What splitting it up meant was that we open up the Gameshow for more of a viewer-base. People are now more inclined to even click on the video because it's not such an intimidating length anymore. It's what we always felt; such a large show that has so much effort put into it just deserves so many more viewers! We've got to change things to cater for that!

    Another thing which is nice, is that the comments for each video are now more focusing on the little things that happen in each of the games; when the episodes were so big, you're only going to comment on one thing, and there are SO many cool things that happen during the Gameshow, it's a real shame that certain things get missed out on because it was so big and you've forgotten about it towards the end. This also allows viewers to reflect on each game with a much more precise 'stick'.
    Another effect is that the tension between each game rises, it keeps the audience on more of an edge if they can't immediately find out who wins, but they have to wait until the end (Just like any gameshow series) to find out who wins along with everyone else.

    People can argue that we're splitting it up for the view counts to rise and to make more money; and yes, I just admitted we did; but what's so bad about that? Do we not deserve more views and some payment for the hard work that we put into providing our audiences with free entertainment? Especially after all the things that we pay for out of our pockets to be able to produce such a show? (At the end of the day, most of the money we make from anything related to the Noxcrew goes straight back INTO the Noxcrew anyway! There are a lot of costs involved with such a community!).

    But hey, actually, when you look at it, the amount of adverts we'll have is the EXACT same as what we had in previous episodes. In previous episodes we actually had around 5-6 ad-breaks between the games (As they were 1-hour long+ episodes), so now we're having 6 episodes with 1 advert each. - So it's not really changing anything, it's just allowing our series to be more friendly to a bigger audience base.
    I hope you don't look at it this way though, I'd much rather you see it for the other reasons stated above :)
    7. Why are the episodes being released every other day? Why not every day?

    A very simple reason actually! We want to release the Gameshow in synchronization with the contestants that were on it to keep everything fresh and people on the edge of their seat not knowing who's going to win.

    After discussing with the contestants about the release schedule, they preferred every 2 days, as that gives them a chance to mix up their content, so they're not filling their channel every day with Noxcrew related stuff. They have their own audiences and schedules, so we had to respect that.​
    8. How can I help with the progress of the Noxcrew Gameshow?

    Simple; Keep watching, keep commenting and keep sharing! Your interaction as a viewer keeps us going and growing, and we really appreciate that!

    Alternatively, we're moving into a Patreon campaign to help us produce content. If you're willing to donate even the tiniest amount to the Noxcrew every month for the promise of us delivering you high quality and cared for content, then that would help us tremendously, so please consider it. It will mean we can cover costs for all the things we do and time we put into making this free entertainment :)

    Here's the Patreon link:
    9. How did you do the Cams and Helper Bots?

    (Images taken from Noxcrew Gameshow EP4)

    The Cameras and Helper Bots are actually Noxcrew members that control them! (You'll see who handled them at the end of each episode in the credits.

    They're actually just normal Minecraft skins created by our Noxcrew artists, but we use a secret HD skins mod coded by some of our Noxcrew programmers. The thing is, everyone needs to have the mod installed to be able to see them, so this is a mod that goes into our global Noxcrew Gameshow modpack we use for recording. (So literally everyone on the server has it, even the contestants).

    Then, as we can't upload transparent skins or 32x32 skins to the Minecraft skin servers, we use a sneaky coded technique that skips Minecraft skin authentication and actually pulls skins from a Dropbox folder on our side (Again, the mod is required for this).

    So we actually have to have every single skin that we're going to see on the server uploaded into that Dropbox folder.
    We also like this technique because it means we don't have to rely on Minecraft skin servers (Which are incredibly unreliable) - We once were about to record an episode, and the skin servers had been down for the entire day. They only went live again about 10 minutes before we started recording. We don't want to ever have to cancel a recording night because of something like this, as that would be DEVASTATING for us.

    Unfortunately, we cannot distribute this mod, or share the code we made for it, or give out the skins, as we'd like to keep it exclusive, so please don't ask, sorry!​
    10. How do I get on the Gameshow?
    11. What nationality are the commentators?

    xILubez and iBuze are actually two British dudes trying to pull off terrible cheesy and American accents. If you want a true explanation of what spawned their personalities, have a good watch of this video:

    12. Will the Noxcrew Gameshow ever be on a consistent schedule?

    A difficult one to answer!
    As described in questions 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, we experiment with the Gameshow quite a lot. This is because in Gameshow's current state we cannot, absolutely cannot promise a consistent schedule. The reason we experiment a lot with the format of the Gameshow is because we're trying to find the right production process for us so that we can guarantee releasing it on a consistent schedule.

    Until we find the right format, we cannot promise consistency, therefore no schedule.
    But don't worry, we're working on it! It just might take us a while to find something we're happy with and the audience is happy with too.​
    13. How can we play the Noxcrew Gameshow maps?

    We used to release map packs with the old Gameshow episodes a long time ago. Unfortunately it just wasn't very effective. Not many people were downloading them because we understand that for a lot of people nowadays, it's not easy hosting your own server and getting enough friends together who are willing to play.

    A lot of extra effort went into making these maps all easily re-settable and nicely laid out for downloaders, but the feedback on the maps wasn't enough to justify this work.

    We're looking into a way of being able to host automated versions of these maps on a server eventually. But that's all we can say for now, as there is a lot of work to be done to make that a reality. But trust us, we DO want you guys to play them! But only when we're happy with how well they are presented ;)
    14. Can I get the resource pack you use for the Noxcrew Gameshow?

    No, sorry! Just because we made edits to Jolicraft doesn't allow us to distribute it. We want to stay respectful to the original Resource Pack maker and follow his rules.

    But you can download the original Jolicraft here:
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  3. How can people help with the gameshow's progress
  4. Answered :) #8
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  5. I've been wondering if you guys were ever planning on choosing fans of the show to compete in it as well as well known Youtubers. I think it'd be really fun to possibly compete or even see some new faces competing instead of the famous Youtubers we watch everyday. I can understand why you might not want to due this because of people attempting to cheat but I think that it would be a fun way to get the fan base of the gameshow even more involved. Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep up the great work! Really glad to see the show back in action!
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  6. So we can take this new episode as a re-boot of the gameshow, like an episode 1 of season 2??
  7. I really like what you are saying.
  8. Just answered that in #10 :)
  9. Thanks for the reply! Been wondering since I saw the show come back. Keep up the great work!
  10. Is there any specific reason that you're releasing the episodes every other day? I would prefer if they were released every day until the episode is finished because it's so boring to wait.
  11. You could always occupy yourself with other activities. I have a similar feeling when watching Mindcrack UHC (each episode is released every other day), but I have the patience to wait. :p

    Episodes are being released every other day as it was a community suggestion. Read FAQ #7 for more info.
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  12. Are the maps going to be downloadable at some point? Like they were previously? The ''Map Pack'' Thingys.
  13. Answered! #7!
  14. Thank You! For adding the Answer 13 mate! ^^J
  15. Hey Noxite Will You Do A download For The Spawn Of The Noxcrew Gameshow PLZ
    And Or A Download Of The Whole Map And The Plugins

    Thx Byeeeeee ^_^
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  18. I think he meant NG not North Carolina, Dunno if you guys have a secret project where your building an entire replica of the state..
  19. Also i have a question:
    Will the
    "Project: Minecraft Gameshow" series continue in the future, i thought it was really interesting and fun to watch. :)
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  20. It Is Continuing There IS Ep6 out LoL

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