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Importing Destructobot 5000 on minecraft PE

Discussion in 'Marketplace Content Issues' started by bbkaien, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Hi. Bought DestructoBot 5000 on my minecraft PE on my latest iPad yesterday. After downloading the world, it began the importing part. But it is taking too long (from yesterday till now) about 12 hours to import. I have 10gb memory And using the latest version of minecraft on IOS 10.3.2. Please help as my son is upset about this purchase. Thanks.
  2. Have you tried closing the app and restarting the world creation? Restarting the iPad can sometimes help as well. Let me know if that helps, and if it doesn't we'll see if we can't get you a better answer.
  3. Hi. I have tried closing all the apps and also shut down the ipad. Still the same. Cannot complete the importing part at all. Generally how long does the importing process takes? Thanks
  4. It typically takes less than 5 seconds... My help is pretty much only good for issues you have with the map once it loads. Let me send this to someone who can help a little more with store purchase issues and I'll get back to you with a better answer.
  5. I've been asked to ask you what your internet speed is. If you could go to www.speedtest.net on the iPad and share your results that would be great!

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