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Halloween hits The Noxcrew!

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    The autumnal winds blow once again and October dawns under the light of a blood moon.
    The month of goblins and ghouls, witches, wizards and the dark things of the world is at hand.

    Welcome, one and all, to:


    Yes, my favourite time of the year is back and The Noxcrew is here to bring you the thrill, chills and excitement of this spooky season.

    To kick things off in style, This October sees the return of:


    This is my month long look at all things horror!

    From frightful films to terrifying TV shows to blood curdling comics, I'll find and review the very best the Horror world has to offer.

    Starting October 1st, you'll get a brand new horror thread to enjoy every day until the end of the month!

    To find these threads, visit the 31 Halloween Horror Forum here - jump in and face the frights, or just find your new Halloween favourite.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If reading isn't your thing, or you get squeamish at the 'delights' on show, fear not!

    Every Public Game Night in October will be Horror themed!!!

    Every Friday at 8pm BST, we'll be playing games full of supernatural spectacles and spine-chilling survival that will certainly get the blood pumping!

    Starting off with the brutal bloodbath of Nosgoth on the 2nd of October, The Game Nights will go thus:

    9th October 2015 - The Ship
    16th October 2015 - Left 4 Dead 2
    23rd October 2015 - Team Fortress 2 (Halloween Event)
    30th October 2015 - Gary's Mod: Slender

    UHC is not immune to the frights in store, with a special event to see us safely through Halloween Night to All Saints Day...
    Those that survive anyway...
    Want to learn more about our UHC events? Click here to read Burning's guide!

    Learn more about these up coming Game Nights as soon as they are available for viewing over at our events page or join us through out October, right here on the Noxcrew Forums and on the Noxcrew TeamSpeak.

    Don't have an account on the forums yet? Sign up here!
    If you want to join our TeamSpeak3 and join the chatter, we've got a guide for you here!
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Discussion in 'News and Information' started by Noctis, Sep 28, 2015.

    1. Burning
      And yes, I have some pretty spooky gamemode ideas for the upcoming UHCs in October as well. B)
    2. shaun1e
      Oooh, Nosgoth. Been looking for a reason to play that again-last time I did was i52, I believe.
    3. TractorManager
      YES! Left 4 Dead 2, TF2 and GMOD!!!!!!!
    4. connor campbell
    5. maDEMOman
      i might have to install my nosgoth again.... but otherwise gr8 gamenight plan!
      Noctis likes this.
    6. Billybo10000
      The Ship and Gmod: Slender, YES!
    7. HailTheKing
      It's that time of the year again..

      Where were carved for decorations :(
    8. CaffeineBoost
      Slenderman... Christ we're scraping from the bottom of the barrel now.
      Burning and HailTheKing like this.
    9. maDEMOman
      just wait till we start playing ultimate chimera hunt. hehehhee.
    10. Rob0_
      ...just when i thought i had a month to relax...
      If you need me i'll be crying in a corner.
    11. Noctis
      Surprisingly I like that game mode. Regardless, you have 4 different games to get involved in if you don't like 1, that's the beauty of Game Nights, there's always something else next time
    12. maDEMOman
      its a bit harsh because most maps arnt made for slender mode.
      cant ever find pages
    13. CaffeineBoost
      Yeah. At least there's TF2 on the list so I can probably join you for that.
    14. Burning
      Just gonna leave this here, but there are a ton of possibilities with which gamemodes I can do for the UHC game nights that can be considered Halloween themed, but I already have them planned out so I'm going to leave some names here to leave you stipulating on which gamemodes I might have chosen. :p
      • Armageddon
      • Astrophobia
      • Beyond the Grave
      • Chunk Apocalypse
      • Cryophobia
      • Devil Watches
      • Dimensional Inversion
      • Dungeoneering
      • Eight Legged Freaks
      • Go To Hell
      • Infestation
      • Lights Out
      • Nightmare Mode
      • No Going Back
      • Permanight
      • Pyrophobia
      • Rabid
      • Special Skeletons
      • Twilight Zone
      • Vengeful Spirits
      • Witch Hunt
      • Zombies 2.0
      Most of the gamemode explanations can be found here.

      There was also be a custom gamemode for Halloween (the 31st Oct game night, but if it gets moved to Sunday then I can just do it then no problem ^^).
      Last edited: Oct 16, 2015
    15. Rob0_
      Oh my god Dimensional Inversion seems like it would be awesome.
      (in the event nobody read it, it's a gamemode in which the Overworld and Nether have been swapped) That said, Devil Watches seems like fun too, just goin' round with the merchant from RE4 tradin' with people.

      Wait, Dungeoneering has no bedrock? If that's a mode i'm gonna have to be in F3 the entire time.

      ...well, i'm gonna go rejoin the queue for Wildstar
    16. maDEMOman
      23rd October 2015 - Team Fortress 2 (Halloween Event)
      id like to mention. that ive checked the blogs. there will be NO new halloween update this year. they want to focus on bigger updates instead of themed ones. (it wont stop us from being sp00k'd by the HHH or the merasmus
    17. Noctis
      Really? Fudge, I was hoping for an awesome Halloween thing again. Never mind, we haven't played it in a while, I'll still run it unless anyone has another spooky multiplayer game
    18. Rob0_
      I'd suggest Dead Realm, but i'm lazy... so... yeah.
    19. maDEMOman
      http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=18409 is the exact post saying no halloween this year. (they give some alternatives tho)

      I shall give an alternative for the TF2 halloween. TF2 Versus Hale Mode
      or if we want a different game. BlockNLoad :) (its F2P now so anyone can play)
      Last edited: Oct 2, 2015

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