Machinima 'Fable Hunters' Series

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    Two unlikely companions thrown together by fate... and crime... begin an adventure that will unknowingly change their lives forever. Make ‘em a pretty penny too, with any luck, not that they have any to begin with.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    More coming eventually...

    Directed, Filmed, Edited & Sound Designed by
    Noxite (Stefan Panic)

    Written by
    Noxite & xILubez

    Script Supervising

    Builders & Puppeteers
    Antlia, Epic Landlord, Jyoda, Jay, Mayley, IBuze, Fangride, Noxite, Apophum,
    ArtOfAnderson, InTheLittleWood, MisterChees0, Coxxanator & Marios123

    Voice Acting
    xILubez As Flynn & Guards
    Noxite As Casper, Uriel Septim, Market Chatter & Guards
    George As Guards
    Ashaleah As Chatting Market Lady

    Music by
    Tayler Grover (Digison)

    Graphic Design by:
    Noxite, ChrisTifferBerry, Marios123 & Zac Grierson.

    And all those other forgotten people...​
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