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Adventurer's Dream - An open-world Minecraft Adventure Map (MCPE/W10)

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Noxite, May 31, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Noxcrew presents: Adventurer's Dream
    One of our first maps for the Minecraft Marketplace on Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition!

    A land of adventure, mythical beasts, and fairytales! Discover a stunning world full of ancient dungeons, magnificent treasures, and hidden secrets on your quest to summon the mighty dragon. Become the hero and forge your own legacy!


    • A fully realized fantasy world with 10 mysterious dungeons to delve and conquer!
    • All custom modeled NPCs and mythical creatures to really bring the world to life!
    • A complete and beautiful custom texture pack that you'll also be able to use on your other worlds.
    • Multiplayer friendly and an amazing experience to play with your friends!
    • Unicorns!!!
    GET THE MAP HERE (Only on MCPE & W10 Edition)
    [Click me!]

    When trying to find the map on your phone.
    Please make sure you have more then 512MB internal memory (RAM) free.
    You can clear your memory by closing down apps in the memory settings menu, or you can reboot your phone and then only start Minecraft Pocket Edition.


    If you're a java edition owner and don't have the Windows 10 Edition, you can log into your Mojang account and get a code for free here: https://account.mojang.com/me


    Produced by:
    Noxite: https://twitter.com/AlmightyNoxite

    Gameplay by:
    Epic Landlord

    Redstone & Behaviour Pack by:
    Avondale: https://twitter.com/avondale1718

    Graphics, 3D Models & Textures By:
    Skyao: https://twitter.com/Skyao_

    Music By:
    Isaac Wilkins (Epic Landlord): https://twitter.com/EpicLandlord

    Builds By:
    Snugglez: https://twitter.com/MasterProbeats
    Skyao: https://twitter.com/Skyao_

    Big Thank you to our Community Moderators:
    Noctis_Mori: https://twitter.com/Noctis_Mori
    The_NeonGhost: https://twitter.com/The_NeonGhost
    Burning: https://twitter.com/BurningT_

    Also thanks to Mewulf, our Server tech:
    Mewulf: https://twitter.com/mewulf
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Discussion in 'Creations' started by Noxite, May 31, 2017.

    1. commandhat
      Uh oh...! I can't find this map in my store! :( Is something wrong, or is this map just not fully released yet?

      Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2017
    2. MeWulf
    3. commandhat
      Apologies for not sticking the image in a spoiler!

      And thanks for the heads up!
    4. Dkz Angelfire
      Dkz Angelfire
      Been enjoying this map for the last 4 hours with my son, is it possible there is a glitch? We think we have covered the steps needed for the end to happen but nothing? I don't want to say to much here as I do not want to spoil for others? Is anyone else having any issues?

    5. MeWulf
      @Dkz Angelfire I replied to you in a DM with a small "How-to Finish: Adventurer's Dream" Guide.
    6. Vientus
      What kind of tools do you guys use to build more efficiently when building somthing like this? Also, what tools do you use to make/how are you making custom block skins? Do things like world painter work with MC win 10 edition? I've only ever played on xbox and am trying to transition to win 10.
    7. Avondale
      I'll answer to the builds, probably need to have Skyao check in on the block and skin tools. We're developing the larger, gameplay oriented maps in the Java edition, specifically to use tools such as World Painter, World Edit, and Voxel Sniper, as well as larger servers. Once those maps are converted to the Bedrock Engine we finish the mechanics by hand. The survival spawns are built entirely by hand in the W10 version, as seeds don't translate over through the world conversion tool.

      Hope that helps!
    8. Vientus
      Thank you, that helps a lot!
    9. jollysig
      I am also having problems finishing the board. Could I get the "How-to Finish: Adventurer's Dream" Guide please?
    10. HardwareHarry
      I bought the Adventurer's Dream pack on iOS, played for an hour or so, went to load the world today and just am in an endless cycle of falling from a high place in an empty world to my death far below. Over, and over, and over. Suppose I could start again but not entirely sure I can be bothered to re-do everything I did yesterday.
    11. Avondale
      The following is courtesy of the great MeWulf:

      If you finished all the dungeons; then in the maps room (The big round temple thingy next to the city) there should be 10 buttons on the ground, Like this:
      This means you did all the dungeons! YAAI!.
      Now the gate to the Sacred Armory should be open.
      If you manage to kill the dragon in the Arena, congratulations you finished the map!
    12. Avondale
      I'd like to get to the bottom of this to determine if it was a map bug or a Minecraft bug that caused it. Can you give any more information about where you were or what you were doing before you logged off the first time?
    13. HardwareHarry
      I was back in the town, standing on the roof of the tavern, trying to work out how to get the chest that is there in the eaves - near the beware of the dragon sign. Saved and quit while standing still.
    14. Avondale
      PM-ing you so we don't clog this thread with our troubleshooting.

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