Tales have been passed down from generation to generation. The exact details of what happened has been lost, but most stories mention a small explosion. Seemingly mild at first, the impending fallout struck harder than anyone could have been predicted, and society crumbled. Sick, mangled, and beaten, the people retreated to the only safe haven they could think of: the Nether. There, through generations, they would construct a great city!

Towns could fall to dust, families torn asunder but the Nether City would remain as the rock that keeps civilization going. Despite its glory, and the safety it would provide, the people still dreamed of something more. They longed for a day where they could expand beyond the confines of their sanctuous prison and re-take the world their ancestors had so carelessly destroyed. They dreamed of taking in deep breaths of “French Air”, smelling the “Furrosts”, and dipping their feet into the cool “Rivvors”, “Lookes”, and “Oh-sands” that the stories spoke of. Finally, just maybe, they would get that chance…

The Noxcrew Survival Server is an opportunity for Noxcrew Employees, NoxFriends, Gameshow Contestants, and Patrons to relax and play the game we all love. The server is a family friendly, role-playing server, and members are encouraged to video or livestream their play.

Server Features

Season 2 features a data pack enhanced vanilla Minecraft 1.13 server. As a result of a community vote, several features have been added for player convenience and improved gameplay. They are as follows:

  • Secondary ‘silly’ jobs - These are roles given alongside player assigned jobs before they join the server. These are more sarcastic roles, such as "Town Lunatic", "Round-Earth Conspirator", or "Hamburger Critic" which should bring a bit more wackiness to the world and provide a framework for character RP as opposed to world or work RP.

  • Text Chat - This allows players to simulate speaking over various distances. Depending on how far away a player is, the color of their text chat will change, with light grey suggesting they’re far away, normal white for close up and bold for shouting (aka when a player types in all caps) There is also purple for whisper, when you want to plot shenanigans.

  • Dedicated Resource Pack - Unlike the suggested resource pack like the last Survival Server, this pack would be designed to alter particular textures such as Armour, to make it more in fitting with RP, making them look more like clothes rather than bulky metal boxes.

  • Data Packs - Much like Behaviour pack within Bedrock Minecraft, Data Packs offer a level of customisation to the Minecraft Experience without Mods or other code modifications. The data packs we’re including are as follows:

    • Crafting: The ability to craft double slabs. Stairs also yield the correct amount of stairs for wood used

    • Double shulker shells - Shulkers drop two shells on death instead of one

    • Ender Dragon: Ender Dragons drops Elytra on death

    • Multiplayer sleep: Only one player needs to sleep to skip the night

    • Universal Dyeing: Any colour wool can be dyed. Clay & Glass can be dyed from any colour, they can also be undyed with ice.