Server Access

Primary Access Passes

To get access to the Noxcrew Survival Server, you need to have either a Primary Access Pass or a Guest Pass. The following people are eligible for a Primary Access Pass:

  • Noxcrew Employees: Anyone actively employed by Noxcrew LTD.

  • NoxFriends: Past Noxcrew members who have received the “NoxFriend” rank on Discord.

  • Gameshow Contestants: Anyone who has competed on the Noxcrew Gameshow. This includes The Pilot Season, Season 1, and Noxcrew Gameshow Live. This does not include participants from Patreon/Fan live streams.

  • Patrons: Active Patreon members contributing $5 or more to the program who have successfully completed payment for the month.

You must be in good standing with the Noxcrew to receive a Primary Access Pass and attend a rules meeting with Avondale or Noctis on Discord. Each holder of a Primary Access Pass receives one Guest Pass.

Using Your Guest Pass

Every Primary Access Pass holder receives a “Guest Pass”.

  • The Guest Pass is used to gift someone else access to the server. The guest must be in good standing with the Noxcrew and the server.

  • The Guest Pass is usable ONCE per season. It cannot be reused. The recipient cannot be changed until the season has ended.

  • You may only assign your Guest Pass to a guest after you have attended a rules meeting.

  • The guest must attend a rules/role-play discussion to gain access to the server.

  • The Guest Pass is only valid while the gifter of the pass is in good standing with the Noxcrew and the server. If the gifter of the pass is banned from the server or otherwise loses access (ex. Discontinues Patreon membership), the Guest Pass holder will also lose access.

  • If the guest is banned from the server, the Guest Pass is not reissued. Again, it is a one-time use. The gifter of the pass is not held directly responsible for the actions of their guest, and will not lose their access as a direct result of their guest losing access unless they were also responsible.

  • Guest Passes may not be sold. If this happens, the person selling the Guest Pass will be banned.

  • Community members looking for guest passes may only request one through the Guest Pass Inquiry Form.

  • All Guest Passes given and removed are subject to review by the moderation team for the server, and can be revoked or removed at their discretion.

Server Rules

  1. This is a family-friendly environment. As such, there will be no swearing, bullying, harassment, or general poor behaviour on the server. Be respectful and nice.

  2. No griefing or stealing.

  3. No non-consensual killing of other players or pets/animals.

    1. PvP is enabled and allowed, but should only be used in a role-playing fashion. This could be for the purpose of a sport (ex. Blocksketball), or to settle a dispute, but there needs to be a mutual agreement for all players entering the activity.

    2. Wild animals are claimable, you can do with them what you want. Pets or corralled animals are protected for the player who owns them.

  4. No pestering players, or spamming in chat. Engage in your dialogue with a role-playing mindset. Let your interactions happen naturally, don’t force the issue.

  5. Breaking the fourth wall is not allowed in the game world or game chat. This is a role-playing server, and the in-game chat is there to serve the role-play only. If you need to contact someone in a non role-playing fashion, please message them on the Discord.

    As an addition to this rule, I wanted to give a common example of a conversation that tends to happen on our role-play survival servers:

    Player 1: Hey, do you want to join our voice channel to chat?

    Player 2: Hey Player 1, don’t break the fourth wall!

    In this example, BOTH players have broken this rule! If you need to remind someone to not break the fourth wall, do it via World-Chat on Discord.

  6. As this server represents the Noxcrew, builds on the server need to be developed to an acceptable standard. Guidelines are as follows:

    1. Make your builds look as good as you are capable of. Ask for help if you need it.

    2. Destroy all nerd poles or 1 block bridges you make.

    3. Don’t build on other people’s projects without their permission.

    4. If you need to build near someone else’s build/property, ask their permission first!

    5. Make sure your builds are justified via role-play. Examples:

      1. Don’t build a castle unless you’re the King of the city. And if you’re a King, why would you build a castle? Your peasants would build it for you!

      2. Continuing with the King example, we’re role-playing a world set in the same time period we’re currently in. The premise is that we’re re-building the city, so it doesn’t make sense to build a Medieval castle.

      3. If something is under construction, put up signs to tell people! Warn them of the dangers of unauthorized access, and to wear a helmet.

      4. Houses built entirely out of one material don’t look good, or make any sense in a role-play standard. Unless you have a role-play reason for it. See the Role-Play Tips section below for more.

  7. All pranking needs to be pre-approved by Avondale/Noctis on Discord. Any pranking of Avondale needs to be pre-approved by Noctis and vice versa.

Rule violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the server moderation team. If you suspect someone is breaking the rules, document the situation with screenshots and send them to Noctis with a description of the issue. Breaking any of the above rules can result in anything from a “Hey, smarten up” type of conversation, to a time-out from the server, to a permanent ban. Regardless of your method of entry, your access to the Survival Server is a privilege, not a right.

Each player given access to the server is fully responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules. Once they are allowed on the server, ignorance is not an excuse for breaking a rule. Rules may be updated from time to time. When they are updated, all changes will be noted in the changelog and posted in the #announcements channel under the Survival Server category on Discord. Each player is responsible for reading this channel on a regular basis, and should emote with a “Thumbs Up” to confirm they have read each message in the #announcements channel.


The role-play aspect of the Noxcrew Survival Server is what keeps the server exciting and relevant for a long time. Typically, as long as a role-playing idea doesn’t require you to directly violate a rule, it can be played out and turned into something fun. Historically, some of the best ideas have been things that have toed the line on the rules. If you’re thinking about role-playing something that may come close to breaking a rule, talk to Avondale. If you’re confused about whether your role-playing idea will work or not, talk to Avondale.

Role-play Requirements

  • Your residence must have an address (streets must have names), and either a mailbox or a P.O. Box

  • Villagers are considered second class citizens. This means they are still citizens and should be treated as people not animals. You may utilize them as long as their living conditions are satisfactory.

Role-play Suggestions

  • Build a bathroom or outhouse

  • Mourn the deaths of other players. When you die, you are reborn as your own kid!

  • Celebrate players who are on their first join as if they are newborns

  • Develop your ideas fully BEFORE you advertise them to other players! Players who experience something unfinished may not want to experience your work again.

  • Support your local businesses!

Great Role-playing Examples

  • The Island of the NBO created a monster attack for Noxite’s Monster Hunter’s guild, with a trail to follow and a dungeon-esk area to explore, culminating in a boss fight and ceremony of thanks. They then chased him off for not having a permit to enter the island.

  • Players needed a Library Card to be able to use the Library in Cherry Point.

  • In previous Servers, when entering or leaving Allotabush, each individual person needed to open the door and close it behind them.

  • The Desert Casino games were marvels of Little Tiles and were executed in such an immersive way that it made it fun to lose your money!

  • Interactions with the long family tree of GG142 gave the community a reason to come together to witness big events.

  • Zoidmart had “Shopping Carts” (hopper minecarts) that customers would push around to put their shopping in.

  • Past worlds have had “Historical Sites” which were preserved after important events happened.