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Happy Holidays!

The holidays are over but you can still feel festive with our fabulous Holiday content!

Welcome to the Noxcrew Holiday page! If you haven't heard of us before, we're a small group of people from across the world with a passion for creating exciting, fun and high quality Minecraft adventures for everyone to enjoy! Each time a new piece of Noxcrew holiday content is released onto the Minecraft Marketplace during December, we'll update this page with awesome behind the scenes treats so that you can learn a little bit about what goes into creating immersive Minecraft adventures.

We've been working hard over the last few months to bring you the best holiday content possible; be it a skin pack or a musical adventure, it's all happening this December! And to top it all off, our Mini-Games Festival is back with the Winter addition (who saw that coming, eh?).

For a peek at all of our content, head over to the Creations page, or click the buttons below to see behind the scenes exclusives including concept art, voice acting and more! Remember to check back here for more behind the scenes goodies when new Noxcrew content hits the store.

Warning: If you haven't played these maps yet, take care! There might be spoilers ahead.