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Join Noxite as he streams exciting Minecraft Maps and brand new releases!

The Almighty Noxite, The Noxcrew's glorious leader, is streaming!

Noxite is back on our channel, bringing fun and excitement to your Tuesday evenings! Every week, Noxite will play something new and exciting, from Minecraft Maps recommended by the Map- Making community, to brand new releases, exciting early access or beta trials to show you the next big game.

When is it? 20th March 2018 6pm GMT
Where do I join? On our Twitch.TV Channel

Hang out with us as he fights monsters, saves princesses, all while chatting to you, answering any and all questions that comes his way.

The games may change weekly, but Noxite remains the same, suave, sophisticated and super excited for every game he plays.

This week, Noxite and his merry band of Noxcrew misfits will take to the seas in 'Sea of Thieves'! Watch the team sail the open waters, plunder treasure and probably sink. With Noxite at the helm, anything could happen

Follow the link Twitch.TV TheNoxcrew