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Noxsquad Game Night - Minecraft UHC #058


Probably one of the most nerve-wrecking Minecraft games you'll ever play, the suspense on having a long and enjoyable caving trip underground could lead into bloodshed when poking your head out to the surface. Be ready to fight, and prepare to slay!

Minecraft Ultra Hardcore #58


  • Mana: A simple gamemode that involves trading levels for nifty rewards and products. Each time you take damage (regardless of the amount), you lose a level, and every time you get a kill you gain 4 levels. The following are the prices you can pay in levels for particular buffs and items.
    • 3 Levels - Gold Ingot
    • 5 Levels - Book
    • 10 Levels - 10 minutes of Haste II
    • 15 Levels - 32 Arrows
    • 20 Levels - Golden Apple
    • 30 Levels - 5 minutes of Strength I

Team Size: Chosen Teams of 2

Who's Invited? YOU! Everyone is Invited!
When is it? 18th March 2018 8:30pm GMT
Where do I join? On our Discord Server


1. Be considerate to other players

No salt, even if you die in a stupid way or even if someone breaks the rules; lashing out could lead to a temporary ban.

2. Full Bright is allowed

Originally I didn't allow this, but this time I feel like letting you have it enabled won't mean much. After all, if you use full bright and don't bother lighting up your caves, don't go complaining to me about the mob rates.

3. Only allowed mods are Optifine and a Co-Ords mod

If you are unsure if a mod you use is allowed, read the FAQ below and find the appropriate question.

4. Please be patient and co-operate with me

UHC is a really stressful thing to host as there are so many things that need switching on and off and many configs to be adjusted etc. If something goes wrong or is a little delayed, please bare with me and don't spam the chat or keep asking "can we start?"
I'll be spectating most games just to check on everyone and everything, but if I ever play any of these games it may take me longer as I'm trying to play the game as well as host it, which is even more paranoia for me.

5. Please do not spoil when spectating

If you die, I will allow you to spectate, but please try and keep the chat hidden away from spoiling to others as it may result in a temporary ban. This includes spoiling upon death

6. If you can't play the whole game, don't play at all

If you're going out somewhere in the middle of the game and you know you'll have to leave half way through, what's the point in joining? There's only one game a night, you either play it or you don't. If you're being dragged out by your parents or someone out of the blue, I understand. Also, if you're going AFK to just have dinner something, you can either stay in game shifted, unshifted, or log off the server, but if you don't return by meetup then I'll have to disqualify you.

7. Don't cheat

No form of hacking in any way and don't use F3 + A spam either to find players as it's unfair to those hiding underground. Vanilla X-Ray machines aren't allowed either.

8. Have fun