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The Survival Server is back, with a whole new world of excitement and exploration!

Going Live of the 1st of February, let's celebrate it's return by dedicating a Game Night in it's honour.

It's time to explore...

The Noxcrew Survival Server

The return of the 2015 project, The Survival Server will be a roleplay focused survival server on Minecraft: Java Edition, with players creating real homes and running real businesses in a town that we all create together. The aim of this server isn't to create the best house, or be the first to find diamonds, but to create a community of players, hosting events not typically found on other servers.

This time around the server will be modded, hosting a custom modpack that with subtly enhance the vanilla Minecraft experience rather than completely change the game. We've released the current mod list showing all the mods that will be live on the server which you can see here.

Who's Invited? Everyone with Server access is Invited!
When is it? 2nd Febuary 2018 8pm GMT
Where do I join? On our Discord Server

Game Night Rules

1. No Open Access

While the Game Night is available for everyone to join in, only those with access to the server will be allowed on the survival server. 

So who's this server for and how do you get access? As this is a community server there will be a whitelist to ensure that everyone on the server is a part of the community. In order to gain access to the server, you will need to be one of the following: 

  • A member of the Noxcrew map making team
  • A former Noxcrew team member (NoxFriend)
  • Noxcrew Gameshow contestants
  • A member of Noxcrew's Patreon ($5+)

In addition, every member included in the categories above will be given a free guest pass to invite a friend to join the server with them! As long you have access to the server, so does your guest!

2. Survival Server Rules Apply.

Everyone with access to the server MUST attend a rules meeting before being allowed onto the server. If server rules are broken during the game night, they will be punished the same as any other infringement.

3. No asking for guest passes

Please don't join the Gamenight to beg those with access for their guest passes. It is against Discord rules and you will be removed from the Game Night

4. Have Fun

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