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With all the recent political turmoil and economic uncertainty, I feel its time to just thrash this nonsense out once and for all.

Instead of whinging and whining, lets play out our own world domination fantasies and create an empire greater than the countries of this puny earth!

Choose your kingdom and, by war, science or peace, rise to dominate all others in this totally historically accurate strategy game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this week's Game Night is....

Civilisation V

Become your very own God Vampire Queen in this game of politics and destruction! Lead a baby civilisation from it's dangerous beginnings in prehistoric times into infinite possibilities of the future. Achieve Victory in a number of ways like research, exploration, diplomacy, or military conquest but achieve it at any and all cost!

Who's Invited? YOU! Everyone is Invited!
When is it? 8th December 2017 8pm GMT
Where do I join? On our Discord Server

1. Be considerate to other players feelings. There will be banter, but don't take it too far or make it personal. 

2. DLC will be used so make sure you're up to date 

3 Have fun!