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Sail the open seas, enjoy the finer things in life. Caviar, Champagne, Casual Stalking and Homicide before lunch. Oh what a life we live at sea...

Load up your blunderbusses and put on your finest suits and ballgowns!

This week, we're playing,

The Ship: Murder Party

Invited onto a luxury cruise by the mysterious Mr. X, players are trapped into a deadly game of Hunter and Hunted. Players are given the name of a target to take out, but they will also be hunted by another player. And with weapons scattered all over the ship and stats to maintain, there's nowhere to run and very few places to hide.

Will you resort to the commonness of the Stab and Shoot? Or will you be a Michelangelo of Massacre? It's kill or be killed, but with a sophisticated touch.

Who's Invited? YOU! Everyone is Invited!
When is it? 1st December 2017 8pm GMT
Where do I join? On our Discord Server

1. Be considerate to everyone
I don't tolerate any Salt on my ship! There's enough of it in the ocean. We may be a bunch of murderous psychopaths but we can be civil about it.

2. No Random Killing/ RDM
It's not getting you anywhere and you'll only get punished for it in game. Focus on your target rather than gambling on chance.

3. No AFK killings
I don't care if you have your target right where you want them. If someone says they're AFK, that person is off limits to kill until they get back. It's only fair they get to defend themselves.

4. No Ghosting
The Dead usually stay quiet in their graves. You might be salty over your death but don't ruin their fun for it.

5. Role Play is always encouraged
Are you a Modern Major General with a love of sport? Or a retiring wallflower who always reads books? A Professor of Mathematics? Or an old Boxing champion of 1927? Make your character who you want it to be!


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Later Event: December 8