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It's been a while since the sound of the humble Board Game made its way though the Noxsquad's halls. The sound of rolling dice, the shuffle of cards...
The many expletives as you get given a +4 card in Uno (We've all been there)

Grab your Cheetos and Mountain Dew...

Ladies and Gentlemen, this week's game Night is....

Jackbox Party Pack 4

Tabletop Simulator is exactly what it says on the tin. A Virtual tabletop for you to play any card or Dice game you like. And with Steam Workshop painstakingly recreating every known board game available (within Copyright reason), the possibilities are endless to what you can play!

Mad for a round of Munchkins? Salivating for a game of Snake Oil? Or brave enough to survive a Betrayal at House on the Hill? It's all here waiting for you to open the virtual box...

Who's Invited? YOU! Everyone is Invited!
When is it? 17th November 2017 8pm GMT
Where do I join? On our Discord Server


1. Be considerate to other players! People have different sensitivities to different things. Everyone likes a laugh but be respectful

2. NO FLIPPING THE TABLE! It links into Rule 1 here. It might be funny, but disrupting someone else's game because you lost is not big or clever.

3. RP is actively encouraged. If we play an RPG style game, get into character. Be the slimy salesman in Snake Oil. Be the half crazed scientist in Eldritch Horror. Be a cigar smoking swindler in Cash n' Guns. Make it your Game Night.