Noxcrew Factory Server

Available right now on Minecraft: Java Edition. Join: NOX.GS to play!

With two distinctly different areas, the Noxcrew Factory server is the best place to go when you're looking for both fast-action game play and mini-game fun with your friends.


The Noxcrew Factory is made up of some of the classic mini-games from our popular series 'The Noxcrew Gameshow', with Sprint, Dodgebolt, Bathtime and more in the lineup. After the Gameshow series was over, we decided to bring the games to the masses for anyone to play, at any time! Meet up with a group of friends (or find some people to play with on our Factory Discord server) and go head to head! To read more about the Noxcrew Gameshow, click the button below.


MCStrike is vastly different to any of our other creations. The passion project of Arsenic and and _Crafty, it's Call of Duty meets Minecraft! A fast paced first-person shooter with equipment, unlockable items and camouflage, it's the full shooter experience. Go it alone or with fight your clan and play any of our twenty maps.

To join the server, simply join NOX.GS through your Minecraft: Java Edition client. Hop over to the forum using the button below or join the Noxcrew Factory Discord to chat with admin, moderators and other players.