Community Update - Jingle Jam!


Hey Noxcrew community!

Well, the cat’s finally out of the bag. Noxcrew are heading to the Jingle Jam! A longtime wish of ours, we’re finally getting a bunch of Yogscast members as well as Martyn, to take part in The Noxcrew Gameshow Live! as part of The Yogscast’s annual Jingle Jam, an incredible fundraising event that spans the whole of December, raising money for a number of brilliant charities!


We’ll be taking over proceedings on the 8th of December, pitting the usual 2 teams of 3 against each other, but this isn’t just for pride! Noxite, Avon, Landlord, Mewulf and Gregan will be there to dish out live-action rewards and punishments as well as super secret surprises (hey, we can’t tell you everything) and the usual Noxcrew insanity to the whole situation. Nox might also be gunning for revenge on Martyn for Minecon but don’t let him know that ;P

So long as G.O.B and YogTowers get along, The Gameshow should be kicking off at 5pm GMT for as long as they’ll let us (we’re planning 3 hours at least) so join us at and support this amazing charitable undertaking!

In other news, last week we sadly said goodbye to a longtime member of the Noxcrew family, TheMCFarmer (Harry), who has left the team to follow his dream of hugging animals and becoming the ultimate snake man. We wish Harry well, he will be sorely missed on the build team.

Last but not least, the streaming schedule is going to get a bit squiggly as we head towards the holiday, with Nox and Avon being in Bristol, so keep an eye on the discord and the events page to keep up to date with all the latest info.

See you on Friday for the last game night of the year and in the Jingle Jam chat on Saturday! I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see you guys there taunting cheering the boys on!

- Noctis

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