After years of planning, The Gameshow is back with a brand new series and it's back soon!

As most, if not all of you, are aware, The Noxcrew Gameshow has been growing steadily for the past 2 years, moulding and morphing and heading towards this, the second series, The Community Gameshow. A chance for you, the Noxcrew community to get involved and play on the biggest gameshow in Minecraft history... It's also the only one as far as were aware but details...

Anyway, You've all been asking since we announced this thing. How is all this going to play out? Are we having tournament ladders? How many teams are there gonna be? etcetera etcetera. Well fear not! The answers are here!

We’re going to hand-pick 8 teams out of all the applications we receive. The 8 teams that we believe are going to put on the best show. Teams with spark, with passion, with the drive and determination to beat...

Have you got what it takes to take on The Noxcrew Gameshow?​

After years of silence, the Gameshow Factory are finally opening it's doors to You, the boys and girls of the Noxcrew Community, giving you the opportunity to take part in a brand new Gameshow series.

This new Gameshow promises the same action and excitement that you've come to expect, but instead of Youtubers taking all the limelight, it could be you and your friends facing the best games The Noxcrew can offer...and another version of Sprint, in your quest for Gameshow glory!

So, do you think you can break The Blue Team's curse?

Do you want to keep The Yellow Team riding high?

Then get your team ready (G.O.B. doesn't recognize solo apps :S) and apply here for your chance to join us at The Gameshow Factory