Probably one of the most nerve-wrecking Minecraft games you'll ever play, the suspense on having a long and enjoyable caving trip underground could lead into bloodshed when poking your head out to the surface. Be ready to fight, and prepare to slay!​


Who's invited?
And anyone else you want to bring along.

When is it?
24th August 2016, 8:30pm BST
(19:30 UTC, 3:30pm EDT)

Where do I join?

The Noxcrew Teamspeak server: voice.noxcrew.com
(I'll hand out Minecraft server IP when I'm ready)
Confused? Here's a guide on how to install TeamSpeak3 and join the...

Strap on that Medi Gun and call out for the medic, you're gonna need him this week for:

Team Fortress 2!
Hi all,

Sorry for the radio silence on The Community side of things, as some of you are aware, every now and again I have to vanish for 10 weeks to study, but I have returned to spread the darkness... I mean run the community once more. A huge thanks to BurningT and The_NeonGhost for keeping things running in my absence.

First off, due to commitments, both Noxcrew and Personal, there will be no Friday Game Nights throughout August. I didn't want to do this, but I also didn't want to have inconsistent Game Nights throughout August so it made more sense to hold off until we can run them more consistently. I'm sorry for the disappointment, but there are always games going on in the community (Especially WildStar at the moment) so there are always opportunities to get together and game to your heart's content. This does not include Burning's UHC Game Nights, They'll carry on as he sees fit.

Now for the happier news, the reason why there won't be any Game Nights is because...​
Hey all! We're headed off to Insomnia 58 this 26-28th of August!

You can find out more about the event itself here: https://insomniagamingfestival.com/


We hope to see you all there!

As always, we'll be wearing our red polo shirts with 'Noxcrew' written on them! :)

Noxcrew would like to proudly present you with Terra Swoop Force!
An arcade adventure map made for Minecraft 1.9!

You are a member of a special task force that has been hired by Geo Descent Labs. Your mission is to to discover what happened to the Terra Scooper bore-drill and it's crew when it mysteriously vanished once it hit the core of the earth!

You'll have to glide down to the centre of the earth using the lab's new technology: The Thermal Flight Armor 1541 (Attached with the Minecraft 1.9 Elytras!) But of course, gliding downwards at insanely fast speeds isn't as easy as it sounds... So, are you tough enough? Can you handle the speed? Then enlist to the Terra Swoop Force today!​


  • Made for Minecraft 1.9.4 (Please do not play on any other version or it may...